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  • Must Watch: Wtf? Truck goes off the rails.


    Holee shitz!      

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  • Male Swimmers Warned About Testicle-Attacking Fish.

    Tumblr Moyr7tgGrS1r7r4dto1 500

    Wtf? Experts at the Natural Museum of Denmark sent out a warning to all men to wear their bathing suits to avoid having their crown jewels bit off by a man hating fish. “The pacu is not normally dangerous to people but it has quite a …

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  • NYC: Woman on First Date Falls to Death From Balcony

    I have a severe fear of heights. I actually wish i was an inch shorter. I have never lived in and refuse to live in any apartment or house above the second floor. I will avoid escalators if they are “free floating” . So this story creeps the …

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  • Now this is spread eagle.

    Tumblr KoqysfG3Si1qa04b5o1 500

    Wtf? Imagine the positions one could get tangled in with this ballerina??

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  • Delaware Man Arrested For Flinging Semen on customer.

    Frank Short aka Multiple Miggs decided to liven his trip to Walmart by hurling a wad of semen on an unsuspecting girl while she was texting on her phone down one of the isles.  [T]he 20-year-old victim was standing in a Walmart aisle texting on …

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  • Man Killed in His Bed By Falling Cow. Wtf?

    Falling Cow

    No doubt this would have been an opening to an episode of Six Feet Under. A Brazilian man was killed earlier this month when a cow crashed through the roof of his home, crushing him. 45-year-old Joao Maria de Souza was lying beside his wife …

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  • Man arrested for rubbing his penis on a pepperoni.

                  LOLS. Man, their are some humorous sick freaks out there. New York man John Allison, was arrested and charged with public lewdness after he entered a grocery store, pulled out his junk, rubbed a packaged pepperoni on his peen and then …

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  • Guy arrested for allegedly attacking roommate after he drew penises on his face.

    James Denham Watson, a 31-year-old  apparently had a bit to much to drink over the weekend and passed out, only to wake up and find he had a case of  dick face. Like any frat pad, his roommate allegedly thought it would be a hoot …

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  • Man’s has penis removed after injecting it with olive oil to make it larger…

    A0699 Penis Length Leader

    Apparently there is an epidemic in Thailand with men trying to increase their penis size, so much so that about 40 men a month are admitted to the hospital with infections after inject crazy remedies in order to measure up… a 50-year-old man had to have his penis removed …

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  • HATE GROUP leader, Tony Perkins: DADT Repeal will have devastating affects on the military 20 Years from now…Wtf?

    Perkins 350x250

    Tony i’m full of Baloney Perkins leader of the anti-gay HATE GROUP FRC, was not happy with the report that came out this week that showed after a year since it’s death, DADT has had NO negative affects on the entire military… “Has America’s military completely collapsed …

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