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  • Gay Student Refused Laptop Because He Was Too Feminine.

    Abdul Asquithx400

    A student at Florida Atlantic University was reportedly told he could not borrow a laptop from the campus library because the librarian did not believe that his photo ID could actually be his — she claimed he looked like a woman. What world are we …

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  • Man calls Fire Department to Help Remove his Penis From a Toaster. Wtf?

    O TOASTER 570

    Lols.  A London man called the London Fire Brigade to report that his penis was stuck in a toaster. While the firefighters were not given a sufficient explanation as to how his dick ended up in the appliance, they were able to safely extricate the …

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  • Boo: Naked Haunted House gets shut down


    Pennsylvania’s “premier haunted scream park” Shocktoberfest decided it was going to up the fun this year by unveiling it’s “The Naked and Scared Challenge.”  Guests were invited to face their fear of public nudity by entering a haunted house completely in the raw and walking …

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  • Animal Abuser Hoarder, Eaten by Pet Wolfdogs.

    The remains of a woman who spent decades abusing animals were found inside her western Kentucky home earlier this month. Authorities believe the parts of her body not found had been consumed by her pet wolfdogs. Neighbors of Patricia Ritz called the cops after they had …

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  • Straight Bro’s Take a Stand: Labeled “Gay” On Receipt, It’s “Prejudice”

    Receipt 360x384

    Two straight guys were none too pleased when they received their pub bill and noticed that they were label “Gay Guys, Stools” (there is so many places i could go with that)  Al Butler and his platonic male friend, both 26, were taken aback when …

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  • Wtf?: Condition Causes People to Brew Beer in Their Own Belly.

    Beer Boys

    Nope. Have not heard it all….Omg.  On the next episode of Dr. Oz….”Auto-Brewery Syndrome,” is a condition that causes your gut to brew its own beer. Why am I suddenly seeing this as the band wagon excuse for people to jump on?   In a …

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  • She’s Come Undone: Man arrested for throwing firecrackers on White House lawn.


    Trying to get rid of some 4th of July leftovers , Some nutter threw lady finger firecrackers on the the lawn of the White House. I think it’s time for lexapro and lithium vending machines to be installed every gas station, never mind proactiv. The Secret Service …

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  • Who had the nerve to bring this back into the world?

    20130901 124136

    Plastic slip covers?? Some things should stay dead. 😉 I am suddenly transported back to my ginny grandmothers menagerie of plastic cover living room furniture.

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  • Single British men only change their sheets four times a year.

    HOT GUY 122 HHF In Bed

    According to a new study, the average British man only changes his bed sheets four times a year! Imagine that black light carinal.  A new survey has revealed that 55% of men between 18 and 25 wash their sheets just four times a year. 17% of the …

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  • What’s wrong with this picture?

    Spotted This Pair

    My oh my. via

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