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  • Manpon: How to survive in the wilderness with a tampon…


    Who knew tampons had more uses than one. I will never look at a tampon the same again. The more you know!

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  • It’s a ‘Big Ass Shark’…


    Omg. Hilarious.  Picture it. A little fishing dock in Myrtle Beach behind her house, Sarah Brame just hooked a five-pound red drum and was reeling it in when  A BIG ASS bull shark said hell no… they reactions are hysterical…   via ‘Big Ass Shark’ Unexpectedly …

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  • Super Heros vs Golden Girls, who’d you rather?

    Screen Shot 2012 07 09 At 9.56.38 AM

       Super Heros vs Golden Girls in “Super Golden Friends” : Video | Accidental Bear.

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  • A ‘Proud Mary’ Steals straight wedding spotlight…


    Lols. Gays are so effing funny… Imagine if he had a Tina wig!   “Our groomsman/bridesman doing an amazing impromptu “Proud Mary” performance. This was not pre-planned or choreographed.

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  • MUST WATCH: Gay man tells about heart wrenching loss after his partner dies…


    I know that i post videos often with the lead in of “must watch” however this is one you truly must. That is why i capitalized it. The story below is about what happens when gay people have no federal marriage rights in this country …

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  • Must watch: Cat gets bitch slapped by fish…Lols…



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  • Video: Baby elephant spooked by jeep…So cute…



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  • This is how you get a visit from child protective services…


    This video i hilarious and in this day and age when rolling your eyes at your kid can get you arrested, the father is very brave for posting online!    

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  • Must watch: Kitten smitten with Pixar’s “For the Birds”


    I mean really. Can you??

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  • Must watch: Dog saves puppy from drowning!


    This is beyond awesome!          

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