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  • Hollywood: Second Suspect Arrested in Transgender Woman’s Beating.

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    Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department have arrested a second suspect in connection with a vicious beating in May that left a transgender woman with a broken jaw, shattered cheekbone, and two cracked ribs. via Cops Arrest Second Suspect in Trans Woman’s Hollywood Beating …

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  • Trans Woman Commits Suicide. Fired Under Russia’s Anti-gay ‘Propaganda’ Law.

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    A 22-year-old transgender woman in Russia reportedly took her own life last Wednesday after she was fired from a promising job because her employers feared they were in violation of a nationwide ban on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relationships,” reports the Association of Russian Lawyers …

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  • WTF?: Pat Robertson Compares Transgender People to his Castrated Stallion.

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    Claymation anti-gay mega monster crack pot Pat Robertson, is peeved by California’s new transgender law that allows students the use of facilities like bathrooms, that correspond to their gender identity. He then thent compared a transgender person to his castrated stallion. “Now, we talk about …

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  • Scumbags: California Republican Party Endorses Anti-Transgender Discrimination.

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    Well i like a douche who doesn’t try to be sneaky about their hate manifesto. But seriously, can these boy bitches ever play nice? At this weekend’s California Republican Party convention, discussed the best sneaky way to endorse the repeal of the recently passed law …

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  • Scummers of the Day: NOM Plans Fight to Repeal Transgender Students Rights Law.

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    Now that  The National Organization for Marriage is seeing the rainbow on the wall, that their hideous fight to stop gay marriage is coming to an end faster than Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher can shave each others ass cracks, NOM is behind an effort …

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  • Gang Member Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder of Transgender Rapper.


    One of the five men accused of killing an up-and-coming transgender rapper in Milwaukee was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the intentional homicide of 22-year-old Evon Young. Full deets below. via First Gang Member Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder …

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  • Trans Teen Denied Run for Homecoming King even though his Drivers License states he is Male. Wtf?


     Richland School District board members told Kasey Caron at a meeting last night, where the transgender senior at Richland High School fought to appeal the school’s decision to list him on the female ballot rather than with fellow male classmates in the running for Richland’s …

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  • Chaz Bono — 70 lbs lighter.

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    Chaz Bono goal to drop 50 lbs has come and gone. He has no dropped over 70!  Earlier this year, Chaz talked about how he dropped nearly 70 pounds — not through surgery — but through sticking to calorie-controlled meals … and doing a ton …

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  • Death of NY transgender woman now a hate crime investigation.

    The murder of a NY transgender woman, who was attacked, punched in the head and later slipped into a coma and died, is now being upgraded to a hate crimes investigation. The victim, 21-year-old Islan Nettles, died Thursday, five days after she was attacked. The …

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  • ‘Hollywood Houseboys’ Transgender Star Domonique Newburn Murdered.

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    According to the police report … the badly beaten body of Domonique Newburn was found in her Fontana, CA apartment Tuesday afternoon.  There were clear signs of a struggle inside the unit. Domonique stars in a YouTube docu-reality series, “Hollywood Houseboys,” that follows the lives …

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