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Nine preachers arrested at Southern Decadence…And we love it!

Now this puts the cherry on our day. Nine preachers were arrested Saturday after police said they yelled anti-gay slurs over bullhorns during a demonstration at Southern Decadence, an annual celebration of gay culture in the French Quarter. Patrick O’Connell, 45, Rolando Igleasias, 31, Cesar Chavez, 22, Daniel Hoogerhuis, 26, Danny Guevera, 20, Larry Craft, 52, Montes Diego, 32 and …

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Hurricane Isaac Blamed On Gays in New Orleans’ for Southern Decadence this weekend…If we only had so much power!

We would have cast it on the RNC. Although i think they did a “good job” of it all on their own… I have been eagerly awaiting the blaming for hurricane Isaac to be stowed upon the gays by the “christian” crazies. And like a pair of dirty Mormon underwear delivered to Romney, we have gotten our “gift”. Each year …

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