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  • Anti-gay Maggie Gallagher: Gay Marriage Will Be In All Fifty States in 2 Years.

     EWTN News Nightly With Colleen Carroll Campbell 2013 10 23 Congressmen Cuellar And Huelskamp YouTube

    The former head hog of the National Organization Of Marriage (NOM) is finally admitting that gay marriage will be the law of the land very soon.  “I believe the Supreme Court is going to impose gay marriage in all fifty states within the next two …

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  • NJ: Chris Christie Finally Gives Up, Anti-gay Mega Monster Brian Brown Unglued.

    Nj Gay Marriage 580

    What a day for New Jersey! Gay Marriages began and anti-gay marriage Gov. Christie finally does the right thing and DROPS his challenge to the marriage equality ruling. The fight is OVA! Last month, Judge Mary Jacobson ruled that “[s]ame-sex couples must be allowed to marry …

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  • Scumbag of the day: NOM’s Brian Brown Collaborated With Russia on Anti-gay adoption law.


    Russia’s legislature, invited NOM’s head gay hater Brian Brown to “collaborate” on the bill (which is now law) banning gay couples from adopting. On June 13, 2013, just days after the Russian Duma passed laws banning on gay “propaganda” and actions that “offend religious feelings,” …

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  • Scummers of the Day: NOM Plans Fight to Repeal Transgender Students Rights Law.

    Brian Brown 300x248

    Now that  The National Organization for Marriage is seeing the rainbow on the wall, that their hideous fight to stop gay marriage is coming to an end faster than Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher can shave each others ass cracks, NOM is behind an effort …

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  • Finally: Anti-gay hate mega monster Maggie Gallagher calls it quits.

    Maggie Gallagher

    National Organization for Marriage (NOM) hate group founder, Maggie Gallagher, has decided it’s time to trade in her pen for twinkies (now that they are back) has written her last piece of trash advice for her syndicated advice column and announced she was giving up …

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  • It’s True! The gays have destroyed heterosexual Marriage.

    Well according to NOM that is. The lying a$$ bitches over at the National Organization for Marriage Morons, posted on their Hatebook page the latest dismal statistics on marriage in this country and us gays are to blame for ‘seeking and destroying’ traditional nuptials’.  Even if …

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  • Gay hating NOM, releases the their hate march route.

    These dumb girls and boys (well let me correct that, you have to have a dick to be a boy) are continuing their fast dying campaign against gay marriage by posting the route details for their March 26th “Marriage March” in Washington D.C..They encourage everyone …

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  • National Organization For Marriage’s panel at CPAC barely gets a crowd.


    At the puke fest CPAC event over the weekend, NOM couldn’t even sell a ticket to their panel if Paul Ryan was jerking off on stage. Well maybe to GOProuder Jimmy Sue LaSalvia.  NOM is not the power house they once were. Fortunately people have …

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  • Catholic Bishops: Want Priests to bully church members to attend NOM’s Anti-gay hate march on Washington.

    Images 1

    As if the Catholic Church doesn’t have bigger issues to focus on.  The United States Conference of closeted alter boy loving Catholic Bishops has penned a hate note to every dioceses in the U.S. that mandates every parish to push parishioners to join the quickly dying …

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  • NOM’S Brian Brown to Receive Honorary Degree..For what?

    Brian Brown 300x248

    Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage, is set to receive a di(k in his a$$ an honorary degree from, wait for it- The Coalition of African American Pastors. Lols! He might as well receive one from Christian Mingle, because that is about what that …

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