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  • Investigators Searching for Suspects in NYC Hate Crime Murder.

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    Last October 62 yr old NYC gay activist Louis Rispoli, was brutally beaten and later died from his injuries in what police are calling a “bias” crime. I think HATE is more appropriate. l. He was just a few blocks from the home he shared …

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  • New York’s Lethal Meningitis Strain Has Officially Been Stopped.

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    The deadly meningitis outbreak that swept through New York City late last year and into 2013 has officially “been stopped,” according to deputy health commissioner for disease control Dr. Jay Varma. dicks can wag again! via New York’s Lethal Meningitis Strain Has Officially Been Stopped, …

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  • NYC: Gay man killed in hate crime. Killer laughs while being arrested.


    Wtf? Steven Torres has been arrested for the murder of 69 yr old Ever Orozco after Orozco allegedly blew Torres a kiss and officials are calling it a hate crime. Torres is charged with murder as a hate crime because he perceived Orozco to be gay, …

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  • Another New York anti-gay attack, Couple beaten.


    A couple holding hands on their way home from a movie in Chelsea, were attacked and brutally beaten in what appears to be ANOTHER NYC hate crime. “It makes me sick to my stomach. It scares me. It upsets me. It’s really awful,” said Michael …

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  • NYC Anti-Gay Hate Crime talk about ordeal.


    Recently Nick Porto And Kevin Atkins, were attacked outside of  Madison Square Garden are now speaking out about the alleged anti-gay attack. Nick Porto, 27, and 22-year-old Kevin Atkins recalled being knocked to the ground by four men emerging from Madison Square Garden following a Knicks …

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  • NYC: Woman on First Date Falls to Death From Balcony

    I have a severe fear of heights. I actually wish i was an inch shorter. I have never lived in and refuse to live in any apartment or house above the second floor. I will avoid escalators if they are “free floating” . So this story creeps the …

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  • 9th anti-gay attack plagues NYC.


    This marks the 9th anti-gay attack in NYC in only the last month!  Eugene Lovendusky, a member of the LGBT direct action group Queer Rising, reportedly was himself the victim of a violent anti-gay attack last night in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. “Last night, …

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  • 2 more separate anti-gay attacks hit New York City!

    Shortly after New Yorkers protested the recent stint of anti-gay attacks, including the murder of Mark Carson, ANOTHER gay man was attacked and beaten in the SoHo area of lower Manhattan.  Reports Bruce Yelk at, party promoter Dan Contarino was assaulted at Avenue D and 4th …

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  • Thousands march in NYC Against Anti-LGBT Violence after murder of gay man.


    After a month of vicious anti-gay attacks, including the hideous brutal murder of Mark Carson, thousands of New Yorkers took to the street today to protest the homophobic attacks that are gripping the city.  Participants chanted, “Hey hey, ho ho, homophobia’s got to go,” as they marched …

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  • Gay man gets applause for giving Anti-gay Subway “Preacher” the smack down.


    Only in NY. Over the weekend, some cracked out crazy ignorant bigot, decided to preach anti-gay hate to a subway car full of people. Did he really think he could get away with this? A gay passenger fought back word for word and received a round of …

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