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  • Gay Couple Refused Vacation Package For “Sexual Preference” Choice.

    Best Vacations Ever What To Expect On A Best Vacations Ever Promotional Vacation

    Tim Seelig and partner Dan England were denied to take part in a vacation package when it came to light that they were a gay couple. “3 nights in Vegas, Orlando and New Orleans if we would sit through a 90 minute timeshare presentation in Vegas,” Seelig …

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  • Rabbi Bans Students From Eating Soy, It May Turn Them Gay.

    Gur 300x267 360x320

    For realz?? Lols.  The yeshiva of Gur has apparently banned students from eating any soy-based food products. Why? Because it will turn them gay. According to a numerous reports, the rabbi of the ultra-orthodox Gur hasidic sect made the new rule based on a fear that the …

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  • Straight Man Gay-Bashed For Protecting his Friend In Drag.


    Ryan Langenegger, A straight Omaha man says that he was attached for sticking up for his friend who was wearing drag at a local restaurant.   Langenegger said he and his two friends, Josh Foo and Jacob Gellinger, were eating at the Pepperjax Grill in the …

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  • Gay Student Refused Laptop Because He Was Too Feminine.

    Abdul Asquithx400

    A student at Florida Atlantic University was reportedly told he could not borrow a laptop from the campus library because the librarian did not believe that his photo ID could actually be his — she claimed he looked like a woman. What world are we …

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  • Grandfather Kicks Daughter to the curb After She Disowns Gay Son.

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    Now this is a bitch slap heard around the world. Wow. A hero Grandfather kicked his ignorant daughters ass to the the curb after she “disowned” her gay son.  The letter, which appeared yesterday on the Facebook page of gay-friendly activism-by-apparel brand FCKH8. Words can’t …

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  • Barilla exec apologizes again and again and again..Big yawn.

    O GUIDO BARILLA Facebook

    Trying to undo the shitz storm that he caused by his anti-gay comments, Guido Barilla is about to embark on his act of contrition tour pledging d to meet with groups “that best represent the evolution of the family, including those who have been offended by …

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  • Straight Bro’s Take a Stand: Labeled “Gay” On Receipt, It’s “Prejudice”

    Receipt 360x384

    Two straight guys were none too pleased when they received their pub bill and noticed that they were label “Gay Guys, Stools” (there is so many places i could go with that)  Al Butler and his platonic male friend, both 26, were taken aback when …

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  • Sweet Cakes By Melissa goes out of business. Blames gay “militant, mafia-style tactics”


    Back in January, Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon, came under fire for refusing service to a lesbian couple because of their religious beliefs. When the controversy hit the media, Sweet Cakes got an initial boost in sales. However, the …

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  • Man at Walmart Calls 2 year old A “Faggot,” & Rips flower headband off his head.

    2013 08 02 FloweryHeadband 360x360

    This story is about as low as it gets. Completely out of control. Katie Vyktoriah, a blogger at, recently wrote a piece for the Huffpost in which she told the awful story about a man in Walmart, calling her 2yr old son a fu(king faggot …

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  • Anti-Gay Jamaica: A gay Teen “Chopped And Stabbed” by mob.

    Jamaica needs to be boycotted period. It is One of the most HOMOPHOBIC countries in the world. Homosexual acts are illegal and punishable by long prison sentences. 17-year-old Dwayne Jones was attacked and killed by a mob over the weekend once it was revealed that “she” was …

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