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  • LGBTI Rights Activist Found tortured and brutally murdered.

    Eric O Lembembe

    Cameroonian  Eric Ohena Lembembe, an activist and journalist who was found dead at his home in Yaoundé on the evening of July 15. Lembembe, executive director of the Cameroonian Foundation for AIDS (CAMFAIDS), was an outspoken activist who defended the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, …

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  • Israeli Police want Gay Activist To Admit To pedophila and Turn State’s Witness in deadly shooting.

    Bar Noar Shooting

    Wtf? This story is a bit crazy. Back in 2009, 3 gunman opened fire at an LGBT youth club in Israeli, killing 2 teenagers and injuring 15 others. The main suspect was apparently seeking revenge for the alleged molestation of his 15 year old relative …

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  • Thousands march in NYC Against Anti-LGBT Violence after murder of gay man.


    After a month of vicious anti-gay attacks, including the hideous brutal murder of Mark Carson, thousands of New Yorkers took to the street today to protest the homophobic attacks that are gripping the city.  Participants chanted, “Hey hey, ho ho, homophobia’s got to go,” as they marched …

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  • Gay Man murdered in NYC- victim of hate crime.

    130518 Villageshooting Hmed 2p.photoblog600

    32-year-old Mark Carson was taunted with homophobic slurs while walking in Greenwich Village the birthplace of the gay rights movement,  when he was shot in the face and died shortly there after. Two men were walking near Sixth Avenue and Eighth Street when three men accosted them, hurling homophobic slurs …

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  • Russian Gay Man beaten to death and raped with Beer Bottles in hate crime attack.

    Disgusting.  A 23-year-old man’s body was found Friday morning in the Russian city of Volgograd. The man was apparently raped by beer bottles and his head bashed in by a stone after he had come out as gay to two other males, 22 and 27. Both males …

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  • Gay politician victim of an alleged hate crime outside Oklahoma bar.

    Screen Shot 2013 04 23 At 5.21.48 PM 360x220

    Jim Roth, One of the state’s first openly gay politicians was the victim of  a hate crime but police say they are not looking at it that way. Roth, was assaulted outside of Grandad’s Bar in Oklahoma City, by three men. Police said Roth got into a …

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  • Two Men Plead Guilty to Hate-Crimes Charges.

    Dorian Moragne Christopher Cainx400

    Two men have pleaded guilty to federal hate-crimes charges arising from the beating of a gay Atlanta man in 2012,. Christopher Cain and Dorian Moragne, both of Atlanta, pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to beating Brandon White because he is gay, according to a …

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  • Applebee’s Employee beaten, called gay slurs by Co-Worker’s Husband.

    Applebees Bashing 360x479

    Timothy Phares an openly gay employee at an Applebee’s in  Wisconsin was apparently brutally attacked by a coworkers husband in the parking lot of their restaurant and told to not show back up at work due to the bad publicity it would generate.  According to Timothy …

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  • Aryan Brotherhood white supremacist Attacks Fellow Inmate He Thought Was in a gay relationship.

    Screen Shot 2011 04 25 At 10 22 56 Am E1303741432122

    John Hall, 27, a member of the white supremacist group Aryan Brotherhood was handed an additional 6 yr prison sentence in the brutal beating of a fellow inmate he thought was in a gay relationship with another inmate. Wtf? It’s prison, bitch. Isn’t that the routine? He was sentenced …

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  • Lesbian suffers brutal attack on Thanksgiving Day…

    Owens Hawkinsx400

    Mallory Owens was celebrating Thanksgiving at her girlfriends house when Travis Hawkins, Jr., her girlfriends brother attacked her. Images that show Mallory before and after the brutal assault are available on the Facebook group, Justice Today for Mallory. The group was started by Sonia Mason, …

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