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  • US Olympic Skater Jeremy Abbott says it’s rude not to respect Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws.

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    US figure skater Jeremy Abbott is planing on respecting the Russia’s anti-gay law because he does not want to be “rude” WTF? Abbott spewed this stupidity to the Denver Post: “Russia is hosting us,” Abbott said. “I’m not going to go into somebody’s house and …

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  • WWF Star John Cena says he’s Proud of Darren Young for coming out.

    John Cena

    John Cena told TMZ that he is proud that Darren Young busted down his bitch of closet door and came out. Cena is no stranger to the gays and has an older gay brother himself.  “Oh wonderful,” Cena said … “I know Darren personally. Darren’s …

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  • Former College Football player Comes Out.

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    I hope this is a beginning trend. Kevin Grayson who played for the  University of Richmond has come out and is sending a message to other athletes.  “Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you can’t be the athlete you want to be. Doesn’t mean you can’t be a …

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  • Rush Limbaugh: Jason Collins News ‘Rammed Down People’s Throats’


    As we all know by now, NBA center Jason Collins has come out. Being that he is the first male U.S. athlete in a major professional sport to do so, it is a big deal. Granted it if was Kobe or David Beckham, the world …

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  • Obama calls Jason Collins, Impressed with his courage to come out.

    Jason Collins Is Gay. Image Via @SInow

     According to an anonymous White House official, Obama phoned Jason Collins and expressed his support by telling him he was impressed by his not authorized to discuss the private call publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Michelle Obama tweeted her support: “So proud of you, …

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  • Miami Dolphins Mike Wallace tweets Homophobic Tweet, After Collins coming out.

    0429 Mike Wallace Getty 5

    That didn’t take long. In response to Jason Collins coming out, Wallace tweeted the following: “All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH (shakin’ my head) …” Then 30 minutes later, after the shitz storm slapped him in …

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  • Antawn Jamison says not everyone will be supportive of Jason Collins coming out.


    Los Angeles Lakers player Antawn Jamison tipped his hat to Jason Collins for coming out, but did say that there are some bigoted people still left in the world of sports. Antawn told TMZ he’s glad Jason came out … and he’s happy the guy …

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  • NBA basketballer Jason Collins comes OUT!

    Collins Main

    Well it happened! The first gay athlete that currently plays in a sport has come out.  “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” So begins the historic coming-out essay from NBA center Jason Collins, which appears in the May 6 issue of …

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  • Openly gay footballer Alan Gendreau, not selected during NFL draft.


    Unfortunately openly gay Middle Tennessee State kicker Alan Gendreau did not get picked during the NFL draft that ended on Saturday. However there is still a chance he could get signed after the draft.  “There’s always pressure being the first anything, but at the end …

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  • For Quarterback Kurt Warner says let the gays play.


    Warner a  Super Bowl MVP says that gay athletes should be able to play without homophobia and fear. During a presser for his new reality show, The Moment, a reporter asked him about the crazy rumors about a gay football player coming out. Warner responded like any …

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  • Alan Gendreau could be the first openly gay football player we’ve been waiting for.


    Alan Gendreau a devout Christian ( and cutie) from Florida, is setting his sights on being the first openly gay football player in the NFL. Actually, his goal is not so much about being the first openly gay athlete as it is just to make …

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  • Mark Cuban would be honored to have first out gay player on his basketball team.

    Nba A Cuban 195

    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told  TMZ that he would be honored if gay players were on his team. Cuban dialed in to “TMZ Live” and gabbed about how Magic Johnson’s support for his gay son will impact professional sports. Mark also acknowledges a current …

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  • Footballer Rob Gronkowski on gay teammate: “I’ll respect him back.”

    Rob Gronkowski Body Issue Cover

    New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski who famously said he would like to take Tim Tebow virginity says that he would respect a gay teammate. In an interview Wednesday with Stephen A Smith and Ryan Ruocco on ESPN Radio New York, Gronkowski was asked whether an openly gay …

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  • Former S.F. 49er, Raider Kwame Harris going on trial for assaulting ex-boyfriend…


    Kwame Harris, a former NFL offensive tackle, appeared in court Monday to face charges that he assaulted his ex-boyfriend in a disagreement that was caused by, wait for it, Underwear and soy sauce. What else would a gay couple fight over? Harris, was charged with …

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