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  • Today in Snapple Caps….

        Who knew…

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  • Gay JetBlue Flight attendant sentenced…

    Remember the hilarious drama the “queen” of flight attendants caused on a Jet Blue airplane, by  pulling a Mc-gayer and grabbing a 6 thinking he was playing “shoots and ladders” (not naked twister)  by deploying the emergency slide as if this was gay days at Wet’n Wild? …

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  • Video: Crime fighting Drag Queens…

    If only this was reality! Jeza Belle, Sir Honey Davenport and Tara Miso Rice, are three drag queens that are given special powers through tacky jewelry to rid the world of it’s evil dwellers. Let me give them my “bucket” list to start with, Rick San-tor-my-bum, Pat but …

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  • What are you thinking?

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  • So wrong…

    Lols. wtf is wrong with people? The kids face is priceless…What class i mean trash…

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  • Got booze?

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  • Fail picture of the day….


    Can you say sugar tits?

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  • Now that is talent!

    Penn State Hoe Studying 2
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  • Gay Video of the day: The Tug Toner…


    This is funny shitz! This was on Jimmy Kimel. It’s a great spoof on those stupid exercise gimmicks. I would like to be tugging the two guys in the video….via

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  • Happy Friday!!!


    Hope you all have a great weekend! And dont drink to much or you may end up like this chick. God i love this pic!

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