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  • Tony Perkins Busts his nut over National Guard Units refusing Same-Sex couple benefits.


    FRC Hate Group leader and anti-gay mega monster, Tony Perkins is praising the National Guard for refusing to issue same-sex couple benefits regardless of what the Pentagon instructs.  “As we’ve already seen in places like Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, not every state is willing to …

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  • IRS Will Recognize All Married Couples Regardless of State They Live In.


    The times have changed… The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service have announced that legally married same-sex couples, regardless of the state where they reside, will treated as married for federal tax purposes. “Today’s ruling provides certainty and clear, coherent tax filing guidance for …

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  • Texas Military Forces Refuse to Process Same-Sex Couples’ Benefits.

    Major General John F Nicholsx400

    Why does shitz like this coming from Texas no surprize me? The state of Texas has decided to buck the law  and is refusing to process requests from gay and lesbian couples for spousal benefits. Apparently orders form the Department of Defense don’t really mean …

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  • House Republicans stop defending DOMA in court.

    John BoehnerX400

    Discrimination defender, John Boehner and his gang of homophobes have decided to stop all defense of DOMA in the court system after the Supreme Court struck down section 3 of the anti-gay law and spent 3 million dollars of taxpayers money (yes us gays had to pay …

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  • The battles have begun: Penn. AG Won’t Defend State’s Marriage Ban.

    Attorney General Kathleen Kanex400

    And so it begins. Now that section 3 of DOMA has been struck down, the wars within the states that ban gay marriage have begun. And we couldn’t be happier. Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced Thursday that she will not defend the state’s so-called …

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  • House Republicans File Anti-Gay Amendment to stop gay marriage….Good Luck.


    After an emergency late night circle jerk ( wish i was secretly there 😉 , 28 house republicans drafted an amendment to the constitution to ban gay marriage, which they presented Friday. I know, yawn right? After the historic supreme court rulings, Rep. Tim Huelskamp …

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  • “Young & The Restless” Actor Greg Rikaart Comes Out in wake of Supreme Court rulings.

    Greg Rikaart 360x270

    Greg Rikaart who plays  Kevin Fisher on Y & R,  came out last week by tweeting a photo of he and his boyfriend commenting on the Supreme court victories. “Not getting married anytime soon, but celebrating #equality tonight nonetheless,” Rikaart captioned the pic. Long an …

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  • Obama Admin Extends Benefits To Gay Spouses after DOMA ruling.

    Obama Gay 6

    The Obama administration on Friday announced that as a result of this week’s ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the spouses of gay federal workers would be eligible for key federal programs. “Today my Administration announced that, for the first time in …

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  • Gay Panic: Marco Rubio & Rick Santorum Have Hissy Fit over Gay Marriage Rulings.


    D-bags, Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum are in a frothy jiz  mix over what else? Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage. After us gays used our super glitter powers to manipulate the Supreme Court in our favor, these two trash talking closeted homophobes ( I mean …

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  • Chick-fil-A’s Dan Cathy not happy with Supreme court decisions. And we LOVE it!

    Dan Cathy Anti Gay Tweet

    Are you still eating at chick?  Chick-fil-A president anti-gay mega monster Dan Cathy twatted his disappointment with the Supreme court’s long overdue ruling that gays are actually created equal, but like the coward he is, quickly deleted the tweet. However not fast enough. “Sad day …

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