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  • Gay Student Refused Laptop Because He Was Too Feminine.

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    A student at Florida Atlantic University was reportedly told he could not borrow a laptop from the campus library because the librarian did not believe that his photo ID could actually be his — she claimed he looked like a woman. What world are we …

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  • Vatican shuts down Gay Photo Church Exhibit.

    The Vatican has used their child molesting balls to shut down artist Gonzalo Orquin’s  exhibit, “Trialogo,” because it depicts men kissing each other. The exhibit consists of photographs of same-sex couples kissing in churches mainly located in Rome, but the pictures have been covered up …

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  • San Antonio passes LGBT Anti-Discrimination Measure.

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    San Antonio passed protections for gay and transgender residents on Thursday. A number of hot shot Texas Republicans and religious conservatives fought against the bill claiming it was not a civil right, but scummers ultimately lost. The 8-3 City Council vote in favor of the …

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  • NM Supreme court: Wedding Photographer Cannot Refuse Service to Lesbian couple.


    The New Mexico Supreme Court unanimously ruled on August 22 that a wedding photography business violated the state’s Human Rights Act by refusing service to a lesbian couple for their commitment ceremony, finding that the owners’ religious and free speech rights were not unconstitutionally violated …

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  • New Owners of old gay bar, kick out LGBT customers.


    The Red Room, a former gay bar in Austin, Texas, that used to be gay was recently taken over by new owners and are allegedly kicking out gay customers and refusing them at the door. Wtf is this? University of Alabama circa 1963? The new …

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  • Cali Gay Guy Claims Landlord is Evicting him because he is gay.

    What do you think? Wayne posted the landlords phone number and address, however not knowing the full details i.e. the landlords side, i chose to block it out.  FYI, i always err on the side of Mo’ 😉 via Someone Help this Queen: #discrimination #lgbt …

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  • Gay Couple Kicked Out of Mall for Holding Hands/PDA’s, Kiss In planned.

    Gay couple Jose Guzman, 24, and Daniel Chesmore, 21,  were kicked out of  the Westfield Galleria in Roseville, California for holding hands and kissing each other on the cheek by a security guard who was clearly homophobic.  “We were just holding hands and kissing each other on …

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  • Virginia Spa denies LGBT Clients entry: “Abnormal Sexual Behaviors’ Must protect children.

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    Always in the name of protecting children. Spa World, a Korean spa in Centreville, Virginia has a policy of not allowing  LGBT customers do to the fact that (well they are bigots) they have abnormal sexual behaviors and they MUST protect children. The situation came to light last …

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  • Restaurant Owner in North Carolina hands Lesbian parents an anti-gay letter…

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    A married lesbian couple say they were handed their check at the  The Stingray Café in New Bern, North Carolina, when the owner decided it was his duty to handed them a letter condemning their homosexuality and that it was “was hurting everyone around them” God said …

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  • On World Peace Day, Pope Benedict Pushes for Hate/Discrimintion toward the LGBT community…

    Pope Benedict Saturno Hat

    Since Sunday is considered the Catholic high holy day, i always feel that it is the best time to rip the disgusting leader of the the catholic religion, Pope Benedict.  It is well documented that this grand dragon of a group that loves to protect …

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