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  • Tony Perkins Busts his nut over National Guard Units refusing Same-Sex couple benefits.


    FRC Hate Group leader and anti-gay mega monster, Tony Perkins is praising the National Guard for refusing to issue same-sex couple benefits regardless of what the Pentagon instructs.  “As we’ve already seen in places like Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, not every state is willing to …

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  • Texas Military Forces Refuse to Process Same-Sex Couples’ Benefits.

    Major General John F Nicholsx400

    Why does shitz like this coming from Texas no surprize me? The state of Texas has decided to buck the law  and is refusing to process requests from gay and lesbian couples for spousal benefits. Apparently orders form the Department of Defense don’t really mean …

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  • Veteran & anti- DADT Advocate, Darren Manzella dies in Car Crash.

    VET Darren X400

    36 year old Darren Manzella was killed in a car crash on Thursday night, just weeks after marrying his partner. Manzella was an Army sergeant and outspoken opponent against “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Manzella, a combat medic who served in Iraq in 2004, had become one of the …

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  • Obama says hell no to Republican Anti-gay Military Amendment.


    When will these effing Republicans ever give it a rest? Apparently, there  are still some republicans who can not get over the fact that DADT is long dead, so they had to make another attempt to discriminate against the evil gays by placing an amendment …

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  • Military Training: Marine’s still being called anti-gay slurs in Military post Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

    Allied Eyecandy

    In an email to friends, a gay military recruit detailed what is is like in the military post Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era.  And it ain’t pretty if you don’t like being called Homophobic slurs.  Oh, and gays are not the only ones receiving the slurs.  ) Don’t ask …

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  • Hate Group AFA, in a tizzy that Gay Soldiers Could Be Buried at Arlington…

    Image6167612x 370x278

    The American Family Association have their ganny panties in a a$$ knotted wist because the Pentagon has declared that it is only fair to extend benefits to same-sex military couples and to allow LGBT soldiers to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. “Under your watch, …

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  • Tony Perkins suggest that DADT Repeal causing Military to not implement voting sites…WTF? BORING!!!


    Anti-gay mega douche- obsessed with everything gay Perkins, is suggesting that the U.S. Military has been so overwhelmed with implementing DADT that voting sites for troops are not up and running because of it. “Could it be that the military was focusing its energies elsewhere, for instance, …

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  • HATE GROUP leader, Tony Perkins: DADT Repeal will have devastating affects on the military 20 Years from now…Wtf?

    Perkins 350x250

    Tony i’m full of Baloney Perkins leader of the anti-gay HATE GROUP FRC, was not happy with the report that came out this week that showed after a year since it’s death, DADT has had NO negative affects on the entire military… “Has America’s military completely collapsed …

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  • Report: DADT repeal had no negative effects & Military still standing….Are we really surprised?

    Dadt Reinstated

    The only people this comes as surprize to are the nasty Republican/conservatives who did everything in their power to fight the repeal of DADT and lost. We people who have more than half a brain and believe that everyone should have equal rights are at …

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  • Military Woman becomes first openly gay General…

    Tammy S. Smith has become the first openly gay Army officer being promoted to brigadier general. She acknowledged her sexuality on Friday while her her wife pinned her star to her uniform. The officer, Brig. Gen. Tammy S. Smith, 49, a 26-year veteran of the Army, was promoted in a ceremony …

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