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  • Palm Springs Theater Owner Outed For Anti-Gay Donations to Prop 8 And Politicians.

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    Information is power, I believe. Palm Springs LGBTers should know where their Money goes when they frequent a certain local theater. Movie theater complex called Camelot that shows mostly quirky indie films, hosts the local gay and lesbian film fest, and takes money from gay people to …

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  • Gay Couple Refused Vacation Package For “Sexual Preference” Choice.

    Best Vacations Ever What To Expect On A Best Vacations Ever Promotional Vacation

    Tim Seelig and partner Dan England were denied to take part in a vacation package when it came to light that they were a gay couple. “3 nights in Vegas, Orlando and New Orleans if we would sit through a 90 minute timeshare presentation in Vegas,” Seelig …

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  • Rabbi Bans Students From Eating Soy, It May Turn Them Gay.

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    For realz?? Lols.  The yeshiva of Gur has apparently banned students from eating any soy-based food products. Why? Because it will turn them gay. According to a numerous reports, the rabbi of the ultra-orthodox Gur hasidic sect made the new rule based on a fear that the …

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  • Today in Gay History: Anita Bryant Gets A Pie in Her Anti-gay Puss.


    I love watching this clip!  In 1977 Anti-gay Mega monster Anita Bryant was accosted (and rightfully so) with a pie in face. Personally I would have thrown a shit pie. via Back2Stonewall.

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  • Scumbags: California Republican Party Endorses Anti-Transgender Discrimination.

    RNC Logo

    Well i like a douche who doesn’t try to be sneaky about their hate manifesto. But seriously, can these boy bitches ever play nice? At this weekend’s California Republican Party convention, discussed the best sneaky way to endorse the repeal of the recently passed law …

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  • Anti-gay Ted Cruz is backed by Gay Billionaire.

    Where does a man like Ted Cruz get the confidence to IRL troll the United States Senate for 21 hours? Knowing that GAY PayPal billionaire and Silicon Valley kingpin Peter Thiel has his back surely helps. It’s an odd marriage of interests, the sort Cruz …

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  • Fox Sports fires Craig James for Homophobic Comments. Well deserved.

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    A FOX Sports Southwest commentator was apparently fired for saying he believed gay was a choice and that NO same-sex couples in civil unions should be allowed ANY benefits. Then claimed that gays will have to answer to god and that basically we gays are …

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  • Gay Man Claims He Wrote Pope Francis and PF Told Him It Was Ok To Be Gay. Wtf?

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    Gurrrrl, For realz? A gay French man says Pope Francis called him to tell him his sexual orientation doesn’t matter and that “we are all children of God.” Christophe Trutino, a 25-year-old sales assistant from Toulouse, told France’s La Depeche du Midi that he received …

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  • Southern Baptist Convention Bars Military Chaplains From Everything Gay.

    Gay Marriage1

    Taking a page from the book of Russia, The Southern Baptist Sissies , who live in fear that the gays are taking over the world, have decided to take deny military chaplains from participating in anything same-sex couple related.  The Southern Baptist Convention, which provides …

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  • Pat Robertson says SF Gay Men secretly spread HIV with Special Rings. WTF?

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    There are not enough degrading, defiling and disgusting words i can use to describe Pat Robertson . In his latest old man crazy rant, the dirty scumbag, says that gay men in San Francisco spread HIV with a special ring when they shake hands with …

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