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  • Eminem: Gay Slurs Are Not Homophobic. WTF?

    Eminem, is under criticism for using derogatory homophobic slurs in his latest single, “Rap God,”. But in an interview with Rolling Stone he does not believe the words are anti-gay. Huh? Get ready for this reasoning: “Yeah. It was more like calling someone a bitch …

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  • Straight Man Gay-Bashed For Protecting his Friend In Drag.


    Ryan Langenegger, A straight Omaha man says that he was attached for sticking up for his friend who was wearing drag at a local restaurant.   Langenegger said he and his two friends, Josh Foo and Jacob Gellinger, were eating at the Pepperjax Grill in the …

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  • Straight Man’s Luggage Defiled with Homophobic Slur.


    As he was waiting for his luggage at an airport luggage carousel, his suitcase came out,  desecrated with  homophobic slur.  “Then I realised that it actually was my bag and that the white bits were the sign you see in the image above. “I plucked …

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  • Disgusting: Football Players Heckle Campus Production Of Laramie Project, shouted “Fag”

    Members of the of the University of Mississippi football team decided to get their ignorance on and disrupt and heckle a production of the Laramie Project,  a play the depicts the brutal anti-gay murder of Matthew Shepard. Cast members of the play, which is about an …

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  • Man at Walmart Calls 2 year old A “Faggot,” & Rips flower headband off his head.

    2013 08 02 FloweryHeadband 360x360

    This story is about as low as it gets. Completely out of control. Katie Vyktoriah, a blogger at, recently wrote a piece for the Huffpost in which she told the awful story about a man in Walmart, calling her 2yr old son a fu(king faggot …

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  • Bill Lunn, Newscaster fumbles the word flag for Fag during newscast.


    Bill Lunn, a newscaster for KSTP, in Minneapolis made a hilarious slip when he was introducing a piece on the Pledge of Allegiance in the school system which was then unfortunately segued into the city gay pride event. I played it over and over. Really just funny …

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  • Anti-Gay Megadeath Dave Mustaine Calls Fan “Little Faggot” .

    Dave Mustaine

    Self proclaimed “born again” christian anti-gay Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine called a fan “little faggot” during a show in Manchester England.  Following their sixth song of the set, Mustaine and the band left the stage after some technical problems and returned after 10 minutes, to boos and a …

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  • Indiana Pacer Roy Hibbert Apologizes After ‘No Homo’ Comment.


    Big yawn. This shitz is getting so old. During a press conference Hibbert used the anti-gay term, NO Homo when he was asked. Then called the press ” mother fuckers” . Hibbert was strangely antagonistic at the press conference even though the Pacers beat Miami …

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  • Paraguay’s presidential candidate would shoot off his nuts if son was gay.


    Paraguay’s leading presidential candidate, Horacio Cartes, made strong anti-gay slurs and vehemently rejected marriage equality, ahead of the country’s election this Sunday. During a Radio interview, Cartes, said that if his 28-year-old son were to seek to marry another man he’d shoot himself ‘in the …

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  • Rapper Busta Rhymes spews Anti-Gay Slur Over Ketchup At Miami restaurant.

    1319163062 Busta

    Busta Rhymes allegedly became unglued at a Miami burger shop after he was not able to cut the line and ketchup was not put on his bun. So he did what every normal person would do- he hurled anti-gay slurs.  Stephanie Vitori, owner of a Cheeseburger Baby …

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