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  • Douche bag of the day: Texas Republican Wants to Punish LGBT friendly Schools.


    Everything is “bigger in Texas” and that includes douchebags. Republican Drew Springer has decided his time is better spent making sure that schools are punished for being pro-LGBT as apposed to, maybe trying to pass laws to PROTECT children from bullying or getting murdered in their class …

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  • 10 GOP Senators, urge the Supreme Court to keep DOMA in place.


    Ten bigoted anti-gay Republican senators are pushing the Supreme Court to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In March the Supreme court will hear the case.  The GOP senators argue in an amicus brief filed last week that it would be “irrational” to overturn the …

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  • Ann Romney Won’t Discuss Gay Marriage: Only the “Real” issues of this election…Oh boy…

    Ann Romney Iowa Interview

    There is dumb, and then there is Ann Romney. Annie get your gun, was being interviewed by KWQC when she was asked if gay marriage should be legal and this was her brilliant response. “You know, I’m not going to talk about the specific issues.” …

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  • Paul Ryan Refers to Rape as a ‘Method of Conception’

    Paul Ryan New Plan For Medicare

    I swear Ryan is beyond dumb. Not to mention a discriminating anti-gay homophobe. In the wake of idiot Todd Akin’s “brilliant” abortion comment, Ryan had this to say: “I’m very proud of my pro-life record, and I’ve always adopted the idea that, the position that …

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  • Douche: Rep. Andy Gipson fears for his life, receives death threats after post gays should be put to death…of gays


    Baptist (say no more) Rep. Andy Gipson is claiming he is in fear of his and his family’s life after receiving death threats for posting a bible passage that says men who sleep with men should be put to death. Here is what the douchebag …

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  • Anti-gay queen Aaron Schock missed used campaing funds on things like Paid For P90X, report claims…


    Douche Schock apparently used campaign funds on lavish gay vacations and to keep his body in shape…Because nothing screams straight like extravagant vacays and keeping a hot male body…. by the way Schock is a republican and against gay marriage… Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released a report …

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  • Douchebag of the day: Gay Republican Ken Mehlman Co-Chairs John Boehner fundraiser….


    What a sad little self loathing gay Mehlman is. Supporting Boehner who has vowed and is currently spending OUR tax money to keep DOMA in place. I find gays like Mehlman R. Clarke Cooper the most despicable of our culture. ANY gay person who supports politicians that …

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  • Douchebags of the day: GOP Says Christians Discriminated Against More Than Gays…Bitches please!


    And i am sure that the self loathing queens over at GOProud would agree with theses assholes… When a viewer asked what gay couples should do who want to “form, loving committed relationships,” answers from Republican candidates during Tuesday’s debate devolved into a case for …

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  • Gingrich vows to allow christian school bullies to continue their assault on gay kids….

    Rt Gingrich 070920 Ms1

    Poor old, dumb, Newt. Trying to eliminate separation of church and state. Not to mention allow christian kids to bully gay students with their anti-gay hate speech… Now this is the asshole that GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans stood up for the other day…Despicable… Newt Gingrich has published …

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  • Hate Group Highlights Republican Candidates’ Anti-Gay Positions….

    HATE GROUP HIGHLIGHTS REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES’ ANTI-GAY POSITIONS The Family Research Council, which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group for its anti-LGBT positions, has published a 2012 “Values Voter Republican Presidential Voter Guide.” Three of FRC’s ten criteria specifically address candidates’ positions …

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