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  • Anti-gay Mega D-bag writer Orson Scott Card, His Character Is Being Assassinated.


    And rightfully so. The Ender’s Game writer and resident Mormon Moron bitched to the Mormon owned Deseret News about his character assassinations.  “I’ve had no criticism. I’ve had savage, lying, deceptive personal attacks, but no actual criticism because they’ve never addressed any of my actual …

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  • S.C. Mayor Says She’s ‘Being Crucified’ for Anti-gay Comments.

    Mayor Linda Oliver Of West Unionx400

    S.C., mayor Linda Oliver got her granny panties all up in a twist  because a Buncombe County, N.C., official decided to accept marriage applications from same-sex couples. “What’s it gonna take to get these queers to realize they don’t need a piece of paper,” she …

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  • Lying Eyes: Antonin Scalia:”I haven’t expressed my view about gay marriage”

    Antonin Scalia

    “I haven’t expressed my view about gay marriage. The issue in the DOMA case was not whether the Constitution requires states to allow gay marriage. That was not the question at all. The question is whether Congress can define marriage in all of the statues …

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  • Barilla Pasta = Anti-gay Adoption and Marriage.

    N BARILLA Large570

    The chairman of Barilla Group says homosexuals are basically second class citizens and don’t deserve to be featured the companies ads. He only supports  “traditional” family and If someone disagrees, well, they can go “eat another brand of pasta.” Guido Barilla made the anti-gay comments during …

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  • Anti-gay marriage protesters disrupt French Open final.


    Even though polls say the majority of French people SUPPORT gay marriage, there have been thousands of protesters aka closet cases, that still can not accept the fact that all people deserve equal rights. Several shirtless homoerotic harlequin clown masked (seriously does it get any gayer) …

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  • Shameful: George W. Bush COWARDLY avoids gay marriage issue.


    George W. Bush cowardly refused to make any comment on same-sex marriage while being interviewed by Charlie Rose on a segment for CBS This Morning. “Yeah, well, I’m not, I’m not weighing in on these issues, as you know, because I’ve made the decision to …

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  • French Senate Votes in Support Of Gay Marriage.

    Gay Paris 2463673b

    After the shocking and disgusting anti-gay marriage protest in which tens of thousands of people participated , The French Senate voted in favor of passing gay marriage. They  approved an article establishing gender-neutral language to refer to spouses by a margin of 179-157, according to …

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  • Washington State Sues Florist for not serving Gay Couple.

    Ingersoll Stutzmanx400

    The Washington State Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers and Gifts in Richland after she refused to serve a long time openly gay customer because her belief in Jesus did not allow her to provide flowers for his wedding. Honey, …

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  • Ronald Reagan’s Son Michael: Gay marriage will lead to polygamy, bestiality and murder.

    Micheal Reagen Asshole

    Michael Reagan, son of Ron and his first wife actress Jane Wyman, went on an anti-gay rant, screaming that anti-gay bigots are not doing enough to fight the big bad evil- Gay Marriage. Using the same old song and dance that only psychos like himself have now resorted …

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  • Paris: Anti-gay protesters use kids as human shields. WTF?

    The anti-gay march in Paris is shocking at best. The thousands of people that have come out in the name of discrimination and bigotry is extremely alarming. I expected a few hundred but not the 10’s of thousands that have descended upon Paris. I guess Paris is not as Gay …

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