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  • Eminem: Gay Slurs Are Not Homophobic. WTF?

    Eminem, is under criticism for using derogatory homophobic slurs in his latest single, “Rap God,”. But in an interview with Rolling Stone he does not believe the words are anti-gay. Huh? Get ready for this reasoning: “Yeah. It was more like calling someone a bitch …

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  • Act of Contrition: Barilla Chairman Meets With LGBT Groups. It’s about Damage Control Baby.

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    Guido Barilla, is desperate to turn back the shitz storm and boycott mission his anti-gay comments caused for his pasta company. Barilla met with Italian LGBT associations yesterday in Bologna, northern Italy. The company has suffered an onslaught of bad press and global boycotts after …

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  • Barilla exec apologizes again and again and again..Big yawn.

    O GUIDO BARILLA Facebook

    Trying to undo the shitz storm that he caused by his anti-gay comments, Guido Barilla is about to embark on his act of contrition tour pledging d to meet with groups “that best represent the evolution of the family, including those who have been offended by …

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  • Pasta Company Bitch Slaps Anti-gay Barilla


    after the anti-gay comments of Barilla Pasta yesterday, a rival pasta company had this to say: Translation via Reddit: “To us, it doesn’t matter with whom you do it, it only matters that you do it al dente.” via Joe. My. God.: Pasta Rival Zings …

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  • Man at Walmart Calls 2 year old A “Faggot,” & Rips flower headband off his head.

    2013 08 02 FloweryHeadband 360x360

    This story is about as low as it gets. Completely out of control. Katie Vyktoriah, a blogger at, recently wrote a piece for the Huffpost in which she told the awful story about a man in Walmart, calling her 2yr old son a fu(king faggot …

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  • MMA Fighter Josh Thomson: Gay Marriage leads to Polygamy, Pedophilia, Incest.


    Josh Thomson a Mixed bag of nut case Martial Arts fighter decided to express his anti-gay gay marriage views. Following the suspension of fellow MMA fighter Matt Mitrone for hurling hate speech at trans fighter Fallon Fox back in April, Thomson took to his Facebook …

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  • Amanda Bynes’s tweets anti-gay slur.


    Bynes whose life is in an apparent downward spiral to say the least, after a series of arrests and incidents over the last year, tweeted to People Magazine the following: Tweeting to People magazine on Saturday, Bynes wrote, “Hello? I’m not lost and alone! W …

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  • Homophobe, Ben Carson drops out as Johns Hopkins Commencement Speaker.

    Dr Ben Carsonx400

    Dr. Evil Ben Carson, a Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon, has opted out as commencement speaker for the School of Medicine after the shitz storm of controversy he cause with his homophobic  anti-gay comments. “Given all the national media surrounding my statements as to my belief in traditional …

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  • Reporter fired after his Gay Joke goes live.


    Mark Saxenmeyer of station KSTP was helping out a colleague about a gay couple from the Twin Cities couple who was invited to the White House Easter Egg Roll with their twin sons. Saxenmeyer, unbenounced to Katherine Johnson,  “wrote a few things into the Web script …

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  • Cardinal Dolan Says Gays can have Friendship, but not Marriage or sex.

    Timothy Dolanx400

    I find it fascinating that anyone would take “words of wisdom” from a person who can not have sex, a marriage or even masturbate. Wtf does this cretin know about marriage and love? NOTHING.  Never passing up an opportunity to bash the gays, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, gave this back …

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