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  • Note to Catholic Church: Majority of Catholics Support Marriage Equality.

    Are you listening Holy See shit? According to a new poll, the majority of Catholics in the U.S. back gay marriage as well as the ordination of women to the priesthood, reports. The Oct. 4 Quinnipiac University poll found that 53 percent of Catholics …

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  • Glendora California School Fires Gay Teacher for marrying His Partner.

    Christopher Persky Ken Bencomo 360x201

    Ken Bencomo a teacher at St. Lucy’s Priory High School for over 17 years was fired for marrying his partner after Prop 8 in California was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Bencomo has become head of the English department at the Glendora, California school. …

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  • Cardinal Dolan Says Gays can have Friendship, but not Marriage or sex.

    Timothy Dolanx400

    I find it fascinating that anyone would take “words of wisdom” from a person who can not have sex, a marriage or even masturbate. Wtf does this cretin know about marriage and love? NOTHING.  Never passing up an opportunity to bash the gays, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, gave this back …

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  • Pope Francis: Civil Unions ‘Lesser of Two Evils’.


    When Argentina was about to enact marriage equality in 2010, then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, said the Roman Catholic Church would have preferred civil unions for same-sex couples as the “lesser of two evils.” Now honey, i could go on about the true evils …

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  • Catholic Bishops: Want Priests to bully church members to attend NOM’s Anti-gay hate march on Washington.

    Images 1

    As if the Catholic Church doesn’t have bigger issues to focus on.  The United States Conference of closeted alter boy loving Catholic Bishops has penned a hate note to every dioceses in the U.S. that mandates every parish to push parishioners to join the quickly dying …

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  • Cardinal Keith O’Brien accused of ‘inappropriate’ behavior with fellow priests, resigns.

    Cardinal 2 2491847b

    The slaughter house line just keeps getting longer.  O’Brien has been accused by 3 priests and on former one,  of inappropriate behavior dating back to the 1980’s.  Although he was due to retire in the near future , The 74-year-old’s resignation is effective immediately. O’Brien who has been one …

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  • More Pope Drama: The queen of mean is linked to Gay Blackmail Scandal.

    Pope Benedict Saturno Hat 300x2021

    The Pope of pedophile priest child molesters is yet again the sources of rumors. Unfortunately the arrest warrant rumors didn’t pan out but now A new report is claiming that gay Vatican officials are the reason behind his resignation.    Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that …

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  • Ding Dong the Witch is…? Pope Benedict calling it quits…Can’t keep up with the hate schedule.

    Pope Benedict Saturno Hat

    My dislike, for lack of a nastier word for Benedict has been NO secret. He is one of the most evil scumbags against the LGBT. So it is with great delight that he has announced he is stepping down because he can no longer keep …

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  • On World Peace Day, Pope Benedict Pushes for Hate/Discrimintion toward the LGBT community…

    Pope Benedict Saturno Hat

    Since Sunday is considered the Catholic high holy day, i always feel that it is the best time to rip the disgusting leader of the the catholic religion, Pope Benedict.  It is well documented that this grand dragon of a group that loves to protect …

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  • The Catholic Church spends $2 million to fight gay marriage and FAILS hard…


    The Catholic Church and their butt buddies, the Knights of the KKK of Columbus and NOM did their best to fight gay marriage in 4 states this past election but failed like a priest trying to prevent a chub in a male jr high school …

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