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  • I just can’t!

    Cute Animals 16

    Cutest thing!!!

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  • Couple Cancels Wedding To Pay For Sick Pooch…Love it!

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    This puts the cherry on our day! Melanie Cannon and Eddie Hanna of Port Orange, Florida, used their entire wedding fund to take care of their pooch Koda, who suffers from liver shunt and will need life long medication. The couple adopted Koda last year …

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  • Must watch: Dog Climbs tree to get stick…


    Hilarious. I love pet videos…

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  • Must watch: Bently, the bull dog puppy is fussy…So cute!


    I mean really? Can this get any cuter?? Bentley the fussy bulldog  is the new internet sensation. And rightfully so This definitely turns around a bad day…

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  • Must see: Dog Saves Puppies From House Fire…

    This story just pulls at your heart strings. A German Shepard named Amanda saved her puppies from a burning house and placed them, one by one, on  a fire engine.  The amazing scene took place in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, on Thursday after a car bomb …

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  • Cops Rescue Bambi from NY Manhole…So cute!!!

    0803 Deer Well Main 1

    And i’m not talking just the deer Omg. I can’t! The Po Po in Suffolk County, NY rescued a baby deer after it into a manhole. According to police, landscapers first discovered the little guy at the bottom of a 20-foot manhole and immediately called …

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  • Video: Puppy tries to play with cat but he ain’t having…SO CUTE…

    Untitled24 E1343589296880

    Puppies are the cutest things and this one is no exception. I love the cats attitude, he was not having it.

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  • Seriously!

    Tumblr Lysgidfwwv1r4t3dko1 500

    Can’t take it! So cute. look at that little paw…

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  • Must watch:Man catches Raccoon’s getting down and dirty…



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  • Must watch: Cat gets bitch slapped by fish…Lols…



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