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  • LGBT’s best Friend.

    Somewhere Chalk Rainbow
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  • Pup snores it up to insane cuteness.


    Trevor Raffauf’s Lab & Pit, Becks loves to keep him awake by snoring. “I couldn’t stop laughing when he was doing it,” Trevor writes. “He’s quite the funny pup.”           via It’s Impossible to Get Any Sleep When Your Dog’s Snoring …

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  • OMG! The cutest thing.

    Cute Animals 2

    I bet you say that to all the wabbits. – Bugs Bunny

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  • Must watch: Two Dogs Skyping…Woof…

    Original 2

    Animals are hilarious! Gaytor a fox terrier, needs his own laptop…  

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  • Must watch: Two cats get bitchy over one food bowl…


    Hilarious. two critters get catty over sharing a food bowl and only intensifies…Animals are the cutest!          

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  • Dog Shamed for His Odd Behavior…


    Hilarious, Maymo a Beagle gets shamed by his owner for his strange behavior. Even steeling pretzels from a goat… via Mischievous Canine Gets ‘Dog Shamed’ for His Odd Behavior.

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  • Terrierist


    I can’t! via

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  • Puppy Love…

    Imagesbubble Bath Small
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  • I mean really??

    Cute Animals 12

    Can you stand it? So cute! It reminds me of myself and one of my ex’s,  but i won’t say which one…;) i of course being the small one…

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  • Dog stands guard over deceased owner’s grave for six years!

    DogGrave E1347657959242

    I can’t! This kills me. After his owner died 6 years ago, Capitan, a German Shepard has not left his grave since. But the story is even more incredible on how he found the grave. Capitan, a German shepherd, reportedly ran away from home after its owner, Miguel Guzman, died …

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