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  • Animal Abuser Hoarder, Eaten by Pet Wolfdogs.

    The remains of a woman who spent decades abusing animals were found inside her western Kentucky home earlier this month. Authorities believe the parts of her body not found had been consumed by her pet wolfdogs. Neighbors of Patricia Ritz called the cops after they had …

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  • Great Escape: Dog Pulls Kitchen Break.


    Despite locking his dog up in the kitchen while out of the house, one pet owner kept returning home to find the pup roaming free. Determined to uncover the mystery of the canine’s impossible escape, the owner left a camera running during his absence, and …

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  • Must watch: The Police Are Coming.


    via Useless dog trick: The Police Are Coming – YouTube.

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  • Feel Good Video: Dogs that love water.


    I love my doggy do’s! All dog owners know that pooch’s love water as long as it’s not bath time.  For all you dog/animals lovers out there, you will love this video. Nothing cuter. 

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  • Baby Panda Meets Mom For The First Time.


    So cute! via Baby Panda Meets Mom For The First Time Born At Taipei Zoo, Yuan Zai – YouTube.

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  • Must Watch: Pitbull freaks out when owner goes for a swim.


    So cute….. via My pitbull freaks out when i jump in the lake – YouTube.

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  • Must watch: Chihuahua does Yoga.


    Really?? Does this get any better? LOVE this!   via Yoga Time with a Cute Chihuahua – Intermezzo #2 – YouTube.

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  • Ginger Seal Is the cutest thing of the day.

    Enhanced Buzz 23912 1374863418 13

    Photographer Anatoly Strakhov found this baby seal on Tyuleniy Island secluded from the other seals. Apparently he was hiding and waiting for his mother to come feed him. However, Strakhov determined the pup was being ostracized from the other seals and took him to a seal refuge.  click link …

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  • Help: Soldier Leaves Dog with Friend, “Friend” sells dog on internet.

    File this under SCUMBAG of the year.  Brandon Harker recently returned home after a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan only to find that his friend, whom he entrusted with the care of his dog, Oakley, had sold him on the internet…..I know! The thoughts that …

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  • Dog Days of Summer.

    Synchronized Nap

    Seriously, does this get any more adorable? 

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