Angels Forever

This page is a tribute to the young lives that have been lost so senselessly because of bullying. Let's hope it ends with these five...
These Angels will be forever in our hearts as a symbol of strength, hope and love.
We will never forget...

Asher Brown, 13 yrs old.  September 2010

Seth Walsh, 13 yrs old, September 2010

Billy Lucas, 15 yrs old, September 2010

Raymond Chase, 19 yrs old, September 2010

Tyler Clementi, 19 yrs old, September 2010

Zach Harrington 19 yrs old, October 2010

Corey Jackson 19 yrs old, October 2010

Joseph Jefferson 26 yrs old, October 2010

Cassidy Joy Andel 16 yrs old, November 2010

Brandon Bitner 14 yrs old, November 2010

Lance Lundstren 18 yrs old, January 2011