• President Jimmy Carter believes in Civil Unions for Gays…

    In an interview with the Huff Post, Jimmy Carter had this to say  about gays not be accepted by the church:

    Homosexuality was well known in the ancient world, well before Christ was born and Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. In all of his teachings about multiple things -– he never said that gay people should be condemned. I personally think it is very fine for gay people to be married in civil ceremonies.

    I draw the line, maybe arbitrarily, in requiring by law that churches must marry people. I’m a Baptist, and I believe that each congregation is autonomous and can govern its own affairs. So if a local Baptist church wants to accept gay members on an equal basis, which my church does by the way, then that is fine. If a church decides not to, then government laws shouldn’t require them to.

    via President Jimmy Carter Authors New Bible Book, Answers Hard Biblical Questions.

  • The Citadel accused: Covered up sex abuse of young campers…

    Three young men claim they were molested by a former youth coach filed lawsuits on Monday against The Citadel and its president, accusing both of covering up alleged sexual abuse by the man when he was a camp counselor at the military college.

    Louis “Skip” ReVille, 32, was working as a school principal in South Carolina when he was arrested last fall.

    A grand jury in Charleston County indicted him earlier this month on 22 counts of child sex crimes involving 15 boys, including former Citadel summer campers. Police said he admitted to the crimes, but he has not yet entered a formal plea.

    ReVille had taken the then 14-year-old camper to his room multiple times, showed him pornographic material, masturbated and encouraged him to masturbate.

    In true fashion he was not reported to authorities, the Citadel claiming that the “erred” in that decision…But the abuse did not stop there. After ReVille left the Citadel, he went on to work at other recreation centers where he continued his abuse of young boys. 

    He went on to become a principal and sports coach at several high schools and community recreation centers inSouth CarolinaThe Citadel‘s internal policies and procedures required officials to report the abuse, said attorneyW. Mullins McLeod Jr., who filed the lawsuits on behalf of one former summer camper and two other young men who allege later abuse by ReVille at other locations.

    “The abuse was terrible,” McLeod said in a news conference on Monday. “After he left The Citadel, ReVille formed a fraternity of victims called ‘The Killers,’ and he had nicknames for them based on the size and shape of their penises.”

    Initiation into ‘The Killers’ required performing oral sex on ReVille, the lawsuit said. The college engaged in a conspiracy to protect itself, McLeod said. Had The Citadel stopped ReVille in 2007, two of the other alleged victims would not have been abused in the following years, the lawsuit said.

    One of those young men said ReVille sexually abused him hundreds of times starting at age 12, and the other reported that ReVille began abusing him when the alleged victim was 10.

    via The Citadel accused in lawsuits of sex abuse cover-up.

  • Catholic church castrated young boys ‘homosexuality’…

    If you have read this blog long enough, you are well aware of my disgust and animosity toward the Catholic Church. This story now just ads another notch in my Chasity belt…

    At least one boy under the age of 16 was castrated to ‘help’ his homosexual feelings while in Catholic church care in the 1950s, the NRC reported on Saturday.

    But there are indications at least 10 other boys were also castrated, the paper said. The claims were not included in the Deetman report on sexual abuse within the Catholic church published at the end of last year.

    The paper says the one confirmed case concerned a boy – Henk Heithuis – who reported being sexually abused by priests to the police in 1956. After giving evidence, he was placed in a Catholic-run psychiatric institution where he was then castrated because of his ‘homosexual behaviour’.

    via – Catholic church abuse: at least one youth castrated for ‘homosexuality’.

  • Nobel peace prize winner defends law criminalising homosexuality in Liberia and Tony Blair says nothing…

    The Nobel peace prize winner and president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has defended a law that criminalises homosexual acts, saying: “We like ourselves just the way we are.”

    Can someone tell me how this dumb ignorant bitch was awarded the Nobel Peace prize? Because she is not spreading “Peace” at all.

    Sirleaf was being interviewed along with Tony Blair as she told the Guardian: “We’ve got certain traditional values in our society that we would like to preserve.”

    Liberian legislation classes “voluntary sodomy” as a misdemeanour punishable by up to one year in prison, but two new bills have been proposed that would target homosexuality with much tougher sentences.

    Blair, on a visit to Liberia in his capacity as the founder of the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI), a charity that aims to strengthen African governments, refused to comment on Sirleaf’s remarks.

    When asked whether good governance and human rights went hand in hand, the British former prime minister said: “I’m not giving you an answer on it.”

    “One of the advantages of doing what I do now is I can choose the issues I get into and the issues I don’t. For us, the priorities are around power, roads, jobs delivery,” he said.


    While  Blair was prime minister he pushed through laws on civil partnerships, lifting a ban on gay people in the armed forces and lowering the age of consent for gay people to 16.

    A Catholic convert, he called on the pope to rethink his “entrenched” views and offer equal rights to gay people. But gay rights, he said, were not something he was prepared to get involved in as an adviser to African leaders.

    With Sirleaf sitting to his left, Blair refused to give any advice on gay rights reforms. He let out a stifled chuckle after Sirleaf interrupted him to make it clear that Blair and his staff were only allowed to do what she said they could. “AGI Liberia has specific terms of reference … that’s all we require of them,” she said, crossing her arms and leaning back.

    Regardless to what Blair has done for gays, he was arrogant and smug when asked the question. He should have defended gay rights. Not cower because he did not want to embarrass Sirleaf. Disgusting. Bother acted like nasty bitches… 

    via Nobel peace prize winner defends law criminalising homosexuality in Liberia | World news |

  • NOM plays dirty and pathetic, endorses New Hampshire Civil Unions and over turn gay marriage…

    Since the  beginning of  its formation, the anti-gay hate group NOM have been against any form of gay marriage including civil unions. Now out of desperation, NOM is supporting civil unions in New Hampshire. The obvious reason for this is because if they push for civil unions they probably think they have a better chance of overturning gay marriage in the state. Can they be anymore shamelessly blatant? The public support for not overturning gay marriage in New Hampshire out ways the the number of support to over turn it. The NH republicans are desperately trying to get rid of gay marriage and they figure if the offer civil unions (you know, throw the gays some scraps) then they will be successful. 

    Last week, NOM endorsed a civil unions bill in New Hampshire, a stark departure from its documented record of opposing any type of legal relationship for same-sex couples. In a press release, NOM supports a bill that calls for instituting civil unions. A vote on the bill is expected this week.

    “This is complete and total policy reversal coming from one of the nation’s most virulently anti-gay organizations,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “It smells like a Mitt Romney-style flip flop for short term gain. NOM’s phoniness and opportunism never cease to amaze.”

    On March 12, NOM sent out a press release urging “the New Hampshire legislature to pass HB 437, compromise legislation to restore civil unions for same-sex couples…”

    via HRC Questions NOM’s Endorsement of Civil Unions | Backstory Blog | Human Rights Campaign.

  • Sweet Dreams…

  • John Travolta allegedly Offered Craigslist “Masseur” cash for sex and 3some….

    Another gay rumor has surfaced about John Travolta. I always say where there is a lot of smoke there is fire.

    The National Enquirer says that Vinny Barbarino allegedly picked up a male  masseur in January that he had met through Craigslist (where else would he meet him?) they went to the  Beverley Hilton hotel (rip Whitney) offered him $200 an hour for sex and tried to work in a 3way.

    The masseur says ” “It was very clear that John Travolta wanted me to perform a sexual act on him and that he would pay me to do it.”

     FYI the rub down boy passed a lie-detector test…


  • Donald Trump rips Rosie O’Donnell: She’s a Total FAILURE…

    Donald Trump is at it again, slamming Rosie over her canceled OWN show. Trump tweeted:

     ”Rosie O’Donnell has failed again. Her ratings were abysmal and Oprah cancelled her on Friday night.”

    He added: “When will media executives learn that Rosie just hasn’t got it. “

    Really? Boring…What a jerk…

    On another note, apparently things were not all peachy on the Rosie set. Which if true would not be surprising, Rosie has a reputation for being difficult to work with.

    TMZ reports that Rosie had her opinions The writers couldn’t write, the producers couldn’t produce, the stage manager couldn’t manage, and the director couldn’t direct.

    Mind you, most of these people were seasoned vets who worked on that little show called “Oprah.”

    We’re told Rosie’s tantrums were predictable and regular. The one word several high level staffers used to describe R.O. is “bully.”

    Our sources connected with the show tell us the staff hated Ro … and the consensus is it was the worst experience they ever had on TV.

    via Donald Trump SLAMS Rosie O’Donnell — I Was Right, She’s a Total FAILURE |

  • Santorum assures anti-gay mega monster Tony Perkins that he will reinstate DADT…Circle Jerk follows…

    Rick Santorum told FRC’s Tony Perkins who is still employed by MSNBC as a contributor, that he will bring back DADT if elected, at some Louisiana church where bible beating toothless ignorant inbred’s  applauded…





  • Omar Sharif Jr. Comes Out as Gay, fearful of his safety…

    The grandson of actor Omar Sharif came out in and article published in the Advocate Sunday that he is gay and worried about his safety and family…

    Omar Sharif Jr. wrote in The Advocate, “I write this article in fear. Fear for my country, fear for my family, and fear for myself. My parents will be shocked to read it, surely preferring I stay in the shadows and keep silent, at least for the time being. But I can’t.”

    Sharif expressed his disappointment at the recent parliamentary elections, writing that the revolution gave him hope for a “more tolerant and equal society,” but now he is not as hopeful.

    “The vision for a freer, more equal Egypt – a vision that many young patriots gave their lives to see realized in Tahrir Square – has been hijacked. The full spectrum of equal and human rights are now wedge issues used by both the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces and the Islamist parties, when they should be regarded as universal truths,” Sharif wrote.

    “I write … for fear that Egypt’s Arab Spring may be moving us backward, not forward,” he wrote.

    via Omar Sharif Jr. Comes Out as Gay, Half-Jewish: ‘Am I Welcome in Egypt?’ – Yahoo! News.

  • Manic Monday…

  • Some 30 LGBT arrested from Dubai hotel…

    The United Arab Emirates Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group has received reports that 30 people who are believed may be gay were arrested in private ‘after’ party last at 5 AM, last Friday (March 9) in the Shangri La Hotel, Dubai.

    It was said the party was ambushed and all present were taken for questioning. Some of the men are reported to be from prominent Emirati families.

    It is unclear at this point if the men are still in detention or have been freed, nor if any charges have been brought against them. Neither UAE LGBT nor Gay Middle East have not been able to verify the details and hotel staff were cagey when questioned about the incident by us.

    The United Arab Emirates has strict federal laws regarding homosexuality and each emirate has their own specific laws. While the Emirate of Dubai has technically severe laws they are usually not strictly enforced.

    via Some 30 LGBT arrested from Dubai hotel, reports indicate – Bikya Masr.

  • Police Investigate Possible Hate Crime Against Hollywood Gay Man…

    HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — Police are investigating a possible hate crime against a gay man who reported he was attacked early Sunday morning by a group of men in Hollywood.

    The man told police he was approached by three men about 1:30 a.m. near the intersection of Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Street.

    One of the alleged assailants asked the man if he was gay and when he answered yes, the three attacked him.

    via Hollywood Hate Crime: Police Investigate Possible Hate Crime Against Hollywood Gay Man –

  • Heeelllooo….

  • GOProud’s 2012 agenda: fight regimes that are anti-gay…

    this is what a self loathing gay looks like…

    GOProud has a big gay agenda planed for this year. Two of their goals are to stand strong with their limp wrists against radical regimes that refuse to recognize the human rights of LGBT and “religious” minorities, and to defend the constitution by apposing any anti-gay federal marriage amendment because they believe marriage should be left up to the states….

    Well i suggest that they start with themselves, because these douchebags support anti-gay republican candidates. 

    Only self loathing queens, such as themselves, believe they are second class citizens and that marriage should be left up to states to decide…

    You can go to their website and read their whole super hero plan to change the country, however i will not link to their site…

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