• Bible beaters answer to Disney Land – Holy Land…Bible rides and everything…

    Okay, after touching down in Florida yesterday to visit my sister for a week, I had my nephew take me to the store to pick up some toiletries. I am not a person who likes to travel with a lot of stuff so i only carry a suitcase that i can put in the overhead bin and buy the little stuff when i get where i am going. She don’t check bags! After that we stopped at the Mall on Millenia which has great stores by the way and as we were passing some place that looked like, well a Persian palace to be blunt. My nephew informed that it was called “Holy Land” the bible beaters version of Disney land. Which looked about as cheap and tasteless as Jim Baker’s Heritage USA back in the 80′s. So i made my neph pull the car over because i had to see this for my own two peepers. And more importantly for the shitz and giggles i just could not resist!

    Holy Land which i now call Holy Shit Land is about as tacky as you can get. As you walk around the grounds outside ( i would not pay to go in there and support such crap) they have every Animal from the Sahara carved out of that fake cement plastic type material that just screams cheese and looks like the animals in that old tired “jungle boat” ride at Disney. There are all these manger scenes scattered around the outside entrance and opera like music coming out of some horrendous speakers. 

    I could just imagine bible beaters (and let me tell you there are a lot here) thinking this is the greatest thing on earth. Well to each his own, i mean i think a blow job is the greatest thing in the world but hey, different strokes… 

    And as the topper, Holy Land is own by Trinity Broadcasting Network. Need i say more…

  • French Footballers Kiss on the Field. Hotness!

    Mathieu Debuchy, a midfielder with Lille, passed the ball to Montpellier player Olivier Giroud, who scored. Debuchy then ran to Giroud who grabbed his head with both hands and kissed his teammate. The video clip of the embrace was played repeatedly on news shows and shared online.

    via Footballers Share French Kiss on the Field: VIDEO |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad.



  • Happy Friday…

    Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

  • Chad Griffin Named President of HRC…

    WASHINGTON — Chad Griffin(no relation to Kathy)  the Los Angeles-based political consultant whose central role in the Proposition 8 lawsuit turned him into a national LGBT rights figure, has been named president of the Human Rights Campaign.

    He’s cutie i have to say…

    via Chad Griffin Named President of HRC | News | The Advocate.

  • Crackpot Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says Obama Birth Certificate Maybe Forged…

    When Arpaio was first brought to the public eye a few years ago over his pink jumpsuits and tent living for jailbirds in Arizona, i thought it was funny and got a laughed about it although i had a sense he was a nut case. Now Arpaio believes he has proof that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. Again with this? Yeah and we are to believe that  Arpaio and his keystone cops/ Nancy Drew “investigators” findings are the holly grail of this big conspiracy….Call me when you have Clarice Starling on the case…

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., said today that he and his investigators have evidence that President Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. He also raised questions about the authenticity of Obama’s selective service registration, though critics quickly accused him of pandering for votes.

    “We believe probable cause exists indicating that forgery and fraud may have been committed, not only in President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, but more disturbing evidence suggests that another fraud may have been committed regarding his selected service registration card,” Arpaio, 79, said at a press conference. “Based on all of the evidence presented and investigated I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic.”

    The findings come after a six month investigation by Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, a group of volunteers, many of whom have backgrounds in law enforcement.

    “My investigators believe that the long-form birth certificate was manufactured electronically and that it did not originate in a paper format as claimed by the White House,” Arpaio said.

    Arpaio’s investigators said the issue they are most concerned with is that the “date stamp and registrar’s stamp appear to have been imported from unknown outside sources.”

    Arpaio said that after being asked by the teabaggers (not the good kind) he started the investigation, however critics contend that he is using this as a deterrent to major accusations he is facing. In order to get reelected. 

    Arpaio faces a federal grand jury investigation on criminal abuse-of-power allegations; the Justice Department has accused him of racial profiling Latinos. And there has been an accusation that hundreds of sex-crime cases were inadequately investigtated by his department.

    I think that says it all…


    via Obama Birth Certificate Maybe Forged, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says – Yahoo! News.

  • Man kissing Tyler Clementi on webcam takes the stand…

    Dharun Ravi

    A man who witnesses say was watched via webcam while kissing a Rutgers University student who later committed suicide took the stand Friday, telling jurors he noticed the webcam while the two were being intimate.

    “I had just glanced over my shoulder and I noticed there was a webcam that was faced toward the direction of the bed,” said the man, identified only by the initials M.B. “Just being in a compromising position and seeing a camera lens — it just stuck out to me.”

    The man testified that he had met Tyler Clementi in August 2010 through a social networking site for gay men. They chatted online initially, he said, and their first in-person meeting was in Clementi’s dorm room on Sept. 16 — three days before the alleged spying. Clementi killed himself days later.

    The man’s testimony came in the trial of Clementi’s roommate, Dharun Ravi, who is charged with bias intimidation, invasion of privacy and other crimes.

    On Friday, the trim young man appeared in court in a button-down shirt, and did not match the description of the overweight “sketchy” or “homeless”-looking man that students had reported seeing visit Clementi. His hair was closely cropped and he didn’t have the goatee that some described seeing him have.

    via Mystery man in Rutgers webcam case takes stand – Yahoo! News.

  • Ohio man accused of prostituting adopted boy…Beyond disgusting…

    I have absolutely no tolerance for crimes against children. None. You do not want to know what i think should befall these sick bastards. Fortunately prison will be taking care of that…

    A 10-year-old boy shook when asked about being prostituted to two other men by an adoptive father who regularly had sex with him, according to police, who said the boy was fearful of talking because he didn’t want to be taken from his home or separated from his new siblings.

    The adoptive father has been charged with raping three boys in his care and compelling prostitution by hiring the 10-year-old out for sex. He and two other men remained in jail Thursday on rape charges.

    Federal and local law enforcement officials said they’re widening the investigation into child sexual exploitation allegations against the father, who worked out of his home as an insurance claims adjuster. His name is being withheld by The Associated Press to protect the children’s identities.

    Troy police said they impounded the father’s truck and seized four laptops from the home and a video camera and two wooden paddles from the master bedroom.

    The adoptive father was being held on $800,000 bond Thursday. The Miami County public defender’s office didn’t return a message.

    Jason Zwick, 29, of the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek was being held in Miami County on a rape charge and $500,000 bond. A message was left for his attorney. Patrick Rieder, 31, was charged with four counts of child rape, the Montgomery County prosecutor’s office said. Rieder was being held Thursday without bond in Montgomery County. No attorney information for him was immediately available.

    via Ohio man accused of prostituting adopted boy – Yahoo! News.

  • the Home Coming gay marine kiss causing Controversy?

    When i first read the headline on Yahoo, i thought omg here we go it is going to be the talk of  every news outlet on the net and tv and since i was traveling yesterday i did not really read much of the news. However when i wastched the clip this morning, i thought to myself “are they kidding” anything can be made  into a controversy if you make it.  A local news channel in Oakdale Ca, where Brandon Morgan is from, ran an audio clip of an interview with his mother over her concerns about biggoted people filled with hate towards gay (Rick San-tor-my- bum anyone) causing harm to her son. Which i a very legitamite concern. They also showed interviews with people on the street and the one negative they interview was some stupid bitch who of course started it  with “i’m a christian and i don’t believe….” Bitch go get laid.

    There is going to be trash like the above who will always use their god fearing “morals” and i use that loosely because those people more often than not tend to be the dirtiest mother effers around, to condemn everyone else. But really, this is not a controversy at all…

    Brandon Morgan has fought to protect our freedoms in this country (all of us) and has signed up for another tour. I wonder how many of those bigots especially the bitch above have done that? That is okay but god for bid he should have equal rights?

    watch the video below…

  • Traveling today…

    Sorry for lack of posts, i was traveling today. I landed in the sunshine state earlier today. I am exhausted, but i will catch up tomorrow…

  • Maryland Governor Signs Marriage Bill…Bigots vow to over turn it…

    Maryland governor Martin O’Malley signed the marriage equality bill Thursday as opponents of the law prepared their push for a referendum this fall.

    O’Malley, who made the bill a priority this session, held a signing ceremony in Annapolis one week after the Senate passed the bill in a 25-22 vote. Lawmakers and advocates attended the event, which marked the culmination of a two-year campaign that included the decision to pull the bill from a vote in the House of Delegates last year due to lack of support.

    The bill signing makes Maryland the eighth state plus the District of Columbia to legalize same-sex marriage. The law is not scheduled to take effect until January, after opponents are expected to challenge the measure on the November ballot.

    And get this, NOM and Maryland Marriage Alliance, blatantly said they plan to use the black community to help them over turn gay marriage. How disgusting are these people, to say that they are going to use the black and catholic communities to get what they want. And how stupid and ignorant will both these groups be if they fall for it…

    via Maryland Governor Signs Marriage Bill | News | The Advocate.

  • New season of ‘American Horror Story’ will be all about Jessica Lange!

    the new season of AHS will be all about Jessica Lange, is there anything better?? However apparently she will not be her awesome role of Constance….Hello! she stole the show!

    If you liked Jessica Lange in season 1 of American Horror Story, then you’re going to love what creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have in store for season 2: EW has learned exclusively that the two-time Oscar winner will return to the FX drama this fall.

    The actress, who won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award for her work as the hateful, bigoted (and extremely delicious) Constance Langdon, has signed a new deal to stay with the horror franchise. But she won’t reprise her memorable role in the new season, which resumes production in late July for a mid-October return to FX. She’ll play someone entirely new, promises Murphy.

    via Jessica Lange will return to ‘American Horror Story’ — EXCLUSIVE | Inside TV |

  • Goooood Morning!

  • India religious groups tell Supreme Court that gay sex is “horrendous” tries to over turn law..


    NEW DELHI: Vehemently opposing the decriminalization of gay sex, various social and religious organisation today contended before the Supreme Court that allowing such acts would lead to “horrendous” situation.

    Appearing before a bench of justices GS Singhvi and SJ Mukhopadhaya, they contended that homosexual behaviour is a disease, which should be cured through counselling and rehabilitation.

    “It would be a horrendous situation in Indian society if it is allowed. The organizations (fighting for gay rights) should try to bring such people to national mainstream by providing counselling them,” said senior advocate Radha Krishana, appearing for a Catholic organization

    via Gay sex horrendous: Religious groups tell Supreme Court – The Times of India.

  • Don’t Stop Believing….

  • Lesbian Couple kicked out by restaurant manager Booted for Kissing in Phoenix Restaurant Offered Apology

    Wow. A lesbian couple was told to “get a room” by a restaurant manager at a Sheraton hotel in Phoenix while they were celebrating their anniversary. 

    The couple, Kenyata White and Aeimee Diaz, were at Sheraton’s District Kitchen restaurant in downtown Sunday to celebrate their one-year anniversary. The couple says that after they engaged in a kiss the manager approached them and told them to “get a room,” saying that he had received complaints from patrons in the restaurant. Upon seeing how upset White and Diaz became the manager made the offer of free drinks if the left immediately and returned at a later date, according to an ABC News report.

    “By no means at all were we doing any inappropriate activity. It was a light kiss a kiss that you could give your friends on the lips. It wasn’t any make out at all and so we were very puzzled as to why we need to get a room,” White told ABC.

    Here is what i think happened. It was the manager who suffered from homophobia NOT the stance of the Sheraton. No manager, regardless of complaints from customers, is going to go up to a couple and say “get a room”. That type of comment comes from a place of homophobia, not from the displeasure of other restaurant patrons. And then when the couple stood up for themselves the idiot backed down with their dildo between their legs and offered them free drinks only to  try and squelch the shit storm they just caused.

    White took to her Facebook page to express outrage over being discriminated against, and was treated to an outpouring of support from the community, an invitation to return to the restaurant and even to a statement from Phoenix’s Mayor Greg Stanton, who wrote about the incident on his Facebook page.

    “In our city, diversity is our strength and we support our LGBT friends, family and neighbors. We fully expect the Sheraton, which also has committed their support to our LGBT community, to work with Equality Arizona and resolve this issue in a professional way with their staff. Let’s be completely clear — Phoenix is a gay-friendly city and we welcome the LGBT community, not only because it is good business but also because it’s the right thing to do,” Stanton wrote, according to Yahoo.

    We love Greg Stanton!

    Sheraton’s general manager released a statement saying “We embrace diversity and are proud supporters of the LGBT community. We take this incident very seriously.” The statement goes on to say ”Our restaurant is open for all to enjoy. We sincerely regret that this incident took place.”

    Love it!!!

    If only the Sheraton was clothing optional…:) 

    via SheWired – Lesbian Couple Booted for Kissing in Phoenix Restaurant Offered Apology.

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