Old Dog, No New Tricks: Brian Brown Cheers Idaho Stay

After Monday’s big gay marriage victory, how Brian Brown can even keep a “straight” face, let alone still assure the 3 donators that fund NOM and the 10 people that show up at NOMs rallies that he can still win this war is hysterically amusing.  After Justice Kennedy issued a stay in Idaho (which did not apply to Nevada) Brown cheered his ruling. 

“We are pleased that Justice Kennedy has ordered a stay of the ruling in the Ninth Circuit. The idea that same-sex marriage can be imposed upon the people of this country against their will is completely inconsistent with our constitutional principles and runs contrary to the very essence of a republican form of government. We once again call upon the US Supreme Court to decide this issue. They abdicated their responsibility to the American people earlier in the week and we hope that Justice Kennedy’s action will result in the Supreme Court hearing the issue and ultimately deciding that states have the right to preserve marriage in the law as it has existed in reality since long before the nation was founded – the union of one man and one woman.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, via press release.

via Joe. My. God.: Brian Brown Cheers Idaho Stay.

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