Millionaire Murder Suspect Shrien Dewani tells court he is bisexual

British millionaire Shrien Dewani who is accused of murdering his wife on their honeymoon in South Africa, admitted that he was “bisexual” and had sex with men and male prostitutes.

Care home owner Dewani was in 2011 extradited from the UK to face trial for conspiracy to commit kidnapping, robbery with aggravating circumstances, murder, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice. Prior to that, he was treated in hospital for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dewani, now 34, has denied plotting to kill his wife Anni on their November 2010 honeymoon in Cape Town. The court heard that he said he is bisexual and admitted having sex with men, despite previously strongly denying having done so.

Dewani said: “My sexual interactions with males were mostly physical experiences or email chats with people I met online or in clubs, including prostitutes.”

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-06-2014

    I never understood this sort of bisexual — they marry hetero, and then turn to men for sex … obviously they like the sex — obviously sex with women isn’t that pleasing to them — none of this type ever has a steady boyfriend, or identifies as gay first, or lives with a man and then cheats on him with a her . nope, it’s all a one way street — much like every bisexual (those who claimed to me to be) I ever met eventually chucked the pretense and said, “yeah, I’m gay” – well, as virtually all heteros will tell you “Once you suck cock, you’re gay.

    I realize it’s not a political correct observation – -but you can’t just wipe out 4 decades of observations … :)

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