Judge orders Missouri to recognize same-sex marriages

140606-gay-marriage-flag-jsw-430p_0d16f2c44b9fcf7f91c8188822900053A state judge in Missouri struck down on Friday the state’s laws prohibiting recognition of same-sex marriages performed out-of-state, making for another victory for supporters of marriage equality in judicial system.

In a 20-page decision, Judge J. Dale Youngs of the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County declares Missouri’s ban on recognizing same-sex marriage violates plaintiff same-sex couples’ constitutional right to equal protection. “Under the Constitutions of the United States and State of Missouri, must defendants recognize out-of-state marriages between same-sex couples that are legal in the jurisdiction in which they were contracted — just as it recognizes all other similarly valid out-of-state marriages?” Youngs writes. “The answer is yes.” Although plaintiffs assert Missouri’s ban on marriage recognition violates their right to due process, in addition to their right to equal protection, Youngs writes he need only find the law violates equal protection rights to rule against the law.

That sound you hear is Brian Brown Hershey squirting in his panties for the 30th something time a gay marriage ruling has not gone his hate favor. 


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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-04-2014

    And this time a state judge — though, I think the count now is closer to 40 our side, 1 theirs (and I think that one in Louisiana, the 5th Circuit ruled oppositely precisely to get the whole thing shoved quicker into the Supremes so he’d never have to think about it again … )

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