Art book portrays Jesus as a gay man

An art book has attracted controversy for portraying Jesus Christ as a young gay man living in the modern world.

They should have portrayed him more natural :) not some shaved buffed gym queen with that 80’s floppy hair. Where is the beard and hairy chest? Jesus did have a beard y’all. 

I still love the concept. Especially because it will make the anti-gay maggots twist their panties up their asses.

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-18-2014

    there’s no evidence Jesus was born with a beard — nor had one when he preached to the temple at the age of 13, nor when he fed the multitudes at the age of 20 nor … well one could go on – in fact — in the early church – jesus was always dark skinned and beardless — and over the centuries he got more facial hair and lighter …

    As for the art – and Jesus as a gay man — sure it’ll rile up the whackos — on the other hand, ti could well be a man name Jesus Rodriguez from Chile — where Jesus is a common first name as everywhere in the Latino world — and no one says a peep ..

    basically — if a gay man draws a rose we’re sullying roses as a sign of romance for St. Valentines day — no matter we do miffs the usual suspects … we die and they complain not fast enough …

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