Seeking To Regain Power: Ex French President Nicolas Sarkozy says Gay Marriage Is ‘Humiliating Families’

In a 45-minute prime-time TV interview, Sarkozy, The Guardian reports, “became animated at the end of the interview when asked about the Socialist government’s so-called ‘marriage for all’ legislation that legalised same-sex unions and brought hundreds of thousands of mostly rightwing, traditional, Catholic protesters on to the streets of France.” Sarkozy admitted that while he would not repeal the law, he “detested” the way it was introduced by Hollande’s Socialist government, and accused the Socialists of “humiliating families and humiliating people who love the family”.

FYI Sarkozy was charged this summer with “active corruption” and “misuse of influence,”.

Hmmm. Lets see, divorced twice and married 3 times. If anything is humiliating to “people who love family” that would be it…..DOUCHEBAG

via Gay Marriage Is ‘Humiliating Families’ Says Thrice-Married Former French President – The New Civil Rights Movement.

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