Philadelphia: Suspects in Gay-Bashing Gang Identified Through Social Media

Now this is where self obsessed people who constantly think the world wants to know what they are doing by posting the going on’s in their boring ass lives on facebook and tweeter get their asses handed to them but good! 

Philadelphia police are thanking a few random good Samaritans on Twitter this week for helping identify the gang of heterosexuals who shouted homophobic slurs while severely beating a gay couple in an unprovoked attack in Center City last Thursday. We reported yesterday that two victims, 26 and 28-year-old boyfriends, were approached by a large group of “visibly intoxicated” and “well dressed” assailants while on their way to dinner last week. The victims and several witnesses told NBC Philadelphia that at least two men and six women from the group called the victims “dirty fags” before launching a disgusting physical attack on both. Both victims were released from the hospital with multiple facial fractures, one had severe bruising on his face and will be required to have his jaw wired shut for two months.

The group of scumbags got away before being apprehended but the drunk ass bitches were all caught on surveillance cameras. Then all it took was for one guy to post a picture of the group at a near by restaurant moments earlier  on twitter and members of the gang “checking in” on facebook and it went nuclear…  The footage and the pics burned up facebook and twitter and the gang was identified instantly. 6 of the alleged assailants have already lawyered up.

Know i want them to think real HARD about the slur “Dirty Fags” when they are bending over for bubba in the pokey…Something tells me it will have a whole new meaning…. 


via Philly’s Gay-Bashing Gang Of “Well Dressed” Straight Assholes Has Been Identified / Queerty.

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