AT&T: Donated $125,000 To MEGA Anti-gay Texas Politician Greg Abbott

AT&T  shelled out $75,000 to help elect Abbott the next Governor of Texas. That’s in addition to a $50,000 donation made to his campaign for Attorney General last year, when it was expected he would enter the gubernatorial race. In total, AT&T has handed over $125,000 to the guy who claims gay people aren’t discriminated against, that they do have the freedom to marry… members of the opposite sex.

“All persons in Texas – regardless of sexual orientation — are subject to the same definition of marriage, and the plaintiffs are as free to marry an opposite-sex spouse as anyone else in the State,” Abbott said while arguing in favor of upholding Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this year.

In an e-mail to Long Star Q, AT&T  had this to say:

“Diversity and inclusion are part of AT&T’s culture and operations, and we’re proud to be recognized as a leader in this area,” he said. “[E]very year since 2004 we’ve received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for our fair treatment of our LGBTQ employees, including protection against discrimination, parity of health care benefits for domestic partners and other criteria.”

Like i have said sooooooo many times, if Abbott was against interracial marriage, African Americans being able to vote or anti-semitic, I can guarantee that AT&T would not teabag him (presuming he had balls) even with the promise of exclusive rights to carry the iPhone again. 


via AT&T: “Don’t Let Our Silly $125,000 Donation To An Antigay Politician Fool You, We Love Homos!” / Queerty.

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