Simon Cowell Plans to Respond To Claims He Has Slept With Men

Former X-Factor judge and N Dubz singer Tulisa went on trial yesterday, on charges of setting up a drug deal with undercover Sun on Sunday journalist Mazher Mahmood.

In court,  Tulisa’s manager Gareth Varey had an exchange with Mahmood, who posed as a film producing Sheik, during which Varey said he knew men who had slept with music producer Cowell. In a secret recording, Mahmood asked Varey whether Cowell was gay, to which he responded “yes”. When asked whether he had slept with him, Varey said he had not, but continued: “One day I will, when I make my move.” Despite saying he was not attracted to Cowell, when asked how he was so certain that Cowell is gay, Varey said: “I know people who have [slept with him].”

A rep for Cowell said: “We are bound by contempt of court rules so cannot respond to these claims in the manner we wish to. “We are speaking to the Attorney General’s office – and we intend to make a statement in court as soon as possible.”

Oh the drama..Like Tom Cruise, if Simon did sleep with men, do we care? NO. We love versatility. 

update: Cowell says no to gay allegations

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