She’s Baaaaack: Rosie O’Donnell Signs Deal With ‘The View’ Again

Rosie O’Donnell has made her deal with “The View” … sources connected with the negotiations tell TMZ. We’re told the show will make the announcement shortly. TMZ broke the story … the negotiations fired up a few days ago and the deal was almost completed by end of business day Monday.

Rosie was the best on that show ( Joy too) and we love Whoopi. So hopefully this will bring the spunk back to the table. Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy announced yesterday that they would not be returning next season. Although I like Jenny, The View was not a good fit for her. Shepherd on the other hand, good riddance. Shepherd worked up her crocodile tears claiming that the number 7 in the bible (which she quotes all the time but admits she’s never read the whole thing. How “Christian” of her) means completion. After 7 years it was time for her to go. Um, just like Lizzy Hasselbeck, we all believe the rumors, her ass was cannned. AND maybe like Lizzy she will get her own public access hosting job too. Now that i think about it, maybe her tears were real. She was probably thinking how could i have fu(ked this gig up. Cuz i’m never gonna see that kind of green again. 

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  1. Ian

    I’d rather see Shepherd do more sitcoms again, she’s a really good comedic actress in that venue.

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