Shameful: Mississippi law legalizing anti-gay discrimination now in effect

A Mississippi law that legalizes anti-gay discrimination on the grounds of ‘religious freedom’ has come into effect. Mississippi passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in April, which legalizes discrimination against gay and lesbian people based on religious beliefs. The act, which bans authorities from placing a “burden” on “a person’s right to the exercise of religion”, and could be used to protect business owners who discriminate against LGBT people, was signed by Republican Governor Phil Bryant less than a week later.

Bryant should fu(king hang his head in shame as should the state for allowing such blatant discrimination. Is this the 1950’s? I also want to know why there was not the outcry against this law as there was for the Arizona one that Governor Brewer veto’ed?

Religion, like hate,  is a choice. Sexual orientation is not.

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