OUTRAGE: Saudi Gay man sentenced To 450 Lashes And 3 years in Prison For Being Gay

US-allies-w-antigay-laws-mapA court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a gay man to three years in prison and 450 lashes for using his Twitter account to contact other gay men.

The man, 24, was arrested after he posted several tweets calling for homosexual relations and expressing his readiness to meet gay men, local daily Al Watan reported on Tuesday. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, the religious police, was alerted about the tweets and was able to apprehend the young man after it set him up using an undercover agent.His mobile phone was searched and several “immoral” pictures were discovered, prompting the Commission to refer his case to the public prosecution. During the trial, the prosecutor requested a harsh punishment and the confiscation of the mobile phone on charges of promoting debauchery. The suspect reportedly admitted to using his account on the microblog to contact and communicate with homosexuals.

The court sentenced him to 450 lashes given over 15 sessions.

Who could actually survive 450 lashes? What the fuck is going on? Do those ignorant middle eastern Sharia Bullshit Law loving countries really believe that lashing someone to death (basically) is going to rid the homo out of them? Believe me if that were the case i would be lashing the ignorant homophobia right out of their asses. Well, no, i would much rather bitch slap it out of them. Those filthy motherfuc(king scumbags should hang their heads in SHAME.

via Gay man sentenced for twitter debauchery in Saudi Arabia | GulfNews.com.

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