Oregon baker who refused same-sex wedding Cake, Happily Now Serves the Anti-Gay Agenda

Oregon: Owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, anti-gay bigots Melissa and Aaron Klein closed their shop after Oregon state found that they broke the law by refusing to back a cake for a lesbian couple because the Kleins believe that homosexuality is a sin. Oregon has a nondiscrimination law that includes sexual orientation. When the Klein’s refused to bake the cake, they broke the law. They challenged the state investigators decision and lost. Rather than having to serve those sinful gays, they shut down their shop now only sell cakes online through their Facebook page.  So it comes a no surprise that the homophobes no bake cares for the anti-gay movement.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa was one of the first of the high profile bakeries to earn national attention and a civil rights complaint for refusing to bake a same-sex wedding cake. But while Melissa Klein and her team won’t make a cake for happy gay people who find love, she will bake for an “ex-gay” organization that tells those same gay people they are wrong, immoral, and in need of “fixing”: And not just any “ex-gay” organization, either. Restored Hope is an extremely aggressive group that launched in the wake of Exodus International’s demise. Headed by Anne Paulk (whose former husband is now out and proud again) and affiliated with exceedingly anti-gay personalities like Rob Gagnon, Restored Hope is one of the most hostile “ex-gay” group we’ve seen in some time.

AGAIN- Religion like discrimination is a CHOICE, sexual orientation is NOT…. Two words for this- Dumb bitch. ;) via Oregon baker who refused same-sex wedding cake bakes for ‘ex-gay’ org – Good As You:: Gay and Lesbian Activism With a Sense of Humor.

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