Anti Gay Mega Monster LaBarbera: Men turn gay for ‘the cheap orgasm’

Peter_LaBarbera_1_0Lets get one thing straight gay, there is nothing cheap about an orgasm. ;)

Peter LaBarbera, a self-confessed opponent of gay rights and founder of anti-gay group Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, was a guest on the James David Manning’s radio show. LaBarbera said he thinks homosexuals are not ‘real men’, because they cannot be bothered to date, marry and have children with a woman so instead they choose the easier gay life. ‘I think homosexuality is one sense offers to men, if I can say this on your program, it offers the cheap orgasm,’ he said. ‘It’s a lot harder to be a man, a real man and have a family, court a woman, marry a woman, have children, raise a family.’

Excuse me fu(k nut, I don’t know exactly who’s ball-sack you have been living under lately but gay men are having kids by the bucket loads and have you ever tried courting a man? you have no idea. Send me an email and i will send you my address, come visit me and i will school you on what being a REAL man is.  

via Men turn gay for ‘the cheap orgasm’, says anti-gay US pundit | Gay Star News.

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