What Gay Men Are Really Thinking In The Locker Room

With the rise in openly gay athletes participating in professional sports, many people are wondering if gay athletes are more or less prone to check out other athletes in the locker room. My answer? Absolutely not! The truth is, all guys check other guys out — and it doesn’t have to be in a sexual way. I’m not saying the ripped Adonis walking around the gym locker room doesn’t get a few side-ways glances or kick start some bedroom fantasies, but mostly we’re just looking at other guy’s manliness to see how we stack up in comparison. And I’m not just talking about what’s between his legs; pecs, abs, biceps, triceps, glutes, hair, and any other part of the male anatomy are all fair game for looking. “As men we’re all born with a competitive, masculine drive, and are visual in nature,”

I will say checking out guys bodies in the locker room is a great motivator out on the gym floor. It definitely helps to keep me focused. And yes,  a cock shot or two of your favorite hunky monkey helps in other areas too ;) we are men after all 

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