Tonys: Hugh Jackman, Gay Marriage and Taking Neil Patrick Harris from Behind

Hugh Jackman took the opportunity in his opening monologue to barb the anti-gay marriage supporters and taking NPH from behind. 

“What a great season on Broadway,” Jackman said. “It’s incredibly diverse Whether you like men dressed as women or drag queens, there’s something for everyone.”

Jackman compared Best Play nominee Casa Valentina, which is about the “tension between married men who cross-dress and the gay community, two sides that could never really understand each other” to “people who are against same-sex marriage and people who mind their own business.”

Turning to Harris, Jackman noted that “he’s a legendary four-time Tonys host, but Angela Lansbury hosted five times. So, Neil is right behind her and I was right behind him, which is still illegal in 13 states.”

“Honestly, when they announced I was hosting tonight, Neil immediately texted me the message, ‘Wow, that’s fantastic,’” Jackman said. “I assume that’s what ‘WTF’ means?” Harris’ cutaway reaction said it all.

watch clip via Mediaite.


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