The Long Awaited Death of Gay Republican Group GOProud Has Finally Come


In 2004, GOProud was born when Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron split from the Log Cabin Republicans. Fast forward to today: both have stepped down from the organization and it is shutting down for good. GOProud has been mired by several controversies since the departure of their founders. The group has bled donors since the widely reported departure of Jimmy LaSalvia from the Republican Party earlier this year. His departure was so loud, but it focused primarily on his shift of ideology and thus projected a new image onto the organization that he helped found.

Barron, LaSalvia and GOProud  were nothing but a disgrace and embarrassment to the LGBT community. Anne Coulter was an honorary board member,  need we say more.  This is one grave the LGBT community should tea-dance on. 

via LGBT Republican Group GOProud to Shut Down | The Bilerico Project.

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