NOM Claims 10,000 Attended Hate March – Truth: Only about 2,000.

Brian Browns fears of a dismal showing came true! Again NOM is claiming outrageous lies about the amount of people who show up to their hate marches and rallies. Yesterdays March For Marriage flopped big time with an attendance only numbering betwee 1500-2000 and the majority of the people were bused in from NY by anti-gay mega douche sen. Reuben Diaz. Photos and video don’t lie. 


This year marks the second annual marriage march, held to ask Congress to define marriage according to traditional, biblical standards. The marchers this year included people of different ages, races, religions, and cultures, all united under the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. They gathered Thursday on the Capitol lawn to let politicians know the fight for marriage is not over. With gay marriage continuing to gain momentum and acceptance in the nation’s culture, Joe Grabowski, director of communications for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), said standing for the biblical definition of marriage “can feel like a very lonely position.” NOM organized the march to bring people together. Last year, roughly 7,000 attended. This year, organizers estimated as many as 10,000 joined the procession.

I love watching these scummers going down in flames. 

via Joe. My. God.: NOM: 10,000 Attended Our Hate March.

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