NOM: Brian Brown Scared No One will Show at His Anti-Gay Marriage March, Begs For Money

National Organisation for Marriage evil queen, is shitting her big bloomers over the fact that the turn out for his anti-gay marriage march in DC next week will have a low turn out. Even with anti-gay douchebags such as Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum attending.

Hmmm, i wonder if Hucky and Google Santorum will drop out? Seeing the embarrassment on the wall.

The group’s ‘March for Marriage’ event, which will take place in DC on June 19. Last week, NOM president Brian Brown sent an email ‘begging’ the group’s members to show up to the event, worrying about a poor turnout in front of the media.

He has this week admitted it is “disappointing” how few people know about the event, and suggested people donate to the group so they can enact a media campaign

He wrote: “I had a disappointing experience yesterday. In speaking to two of my friends I learned that they did not know about the March for Marriage on June 19th!

“I was shocked and it impressed on me how much more promotion NOM needs to do in the final days before the March on June 19th.

“We need to get the word out far and wide — through email appeals, local print, radio, television and online advertising… all of which require a substantial investment. “Please, in these closing days, will you make a sacrificial donation to the March for Marriage so that we can let the American people know about this incredible opportunity to make their voices heard in the halls-of-power?”

LOLS. Seriously. I think this translates to Brown round, crapping his panties as he sees his gravy train run dry….How much longer will we have to wait to see the final nail hammered in to NOMs coffin?

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac06-14-2014

    I think 10s of thousands of gay people should go down to give him a group hug …

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