Meet the ‘ex-gay’ man behind the Texas GOP’s reparative therapy plank

Jeremy Joel, according to his Facebook page, and he’s the founder of an ex-gay ministry called Joel 2:25 International. Joel, who lives in Dallas, isn’t using his full name in media interviews — due to fear of retaliation, according to KRLD — but it’s readily available online. Joel tells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Bud Kennedy that the GOP platform amendment he initially proposed to Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum, is being distorted by the media. In a post on his “My Journey” blog on Tuesday, he explains further. “There are many of us who experience Same-Sex Attraction, but do NOT want to embrace the modern ‘Gay’ label and have moral beliefs that mean Gay Relationships are NOT an option for us at all,” Joel writes. Joel goes on to argue that reparative therapy is not harmful and can be effective — despite the conclusions of the American Psychological Association.

Disgusting is all I have to say about this sad tool.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac06-12-2014

    It’s like one big Onion magazine parody at this point — they find a few lonely souls — all of who have eventually admitted it doesn’t work — and this is the latest, he’ll be back out shortly enough — and then go on and on about how we need this “reparative” thingy — which isn’t even a word – you can’t even look it up in a dictionary — and meanwhile, 99.9999% of gay men adamantly refuse to discuss this as an option — they are tilting at unicorn windmills — and they think this is rational? Egad. sad. and funny, in a weird way. I mean, I just can’t stop cracking jokes about it at this point.

    Meanwhile, the Republicans say they have no “war on women” – and what sort of battle will the ladies have to engage in to re-heterosexualize us – -and we can’t be “ex-gay” for gayness doesn’t exist — we’re really “ex-heteros” — so we need to be “re-heteroized” — logic is not a strong point in this discussion.

    Gay groups, meanwhile, keep falling back, as you did, on the considered opinions that “The AMA and the APA” and some other group said it doesn’t work instead of just saying “NO! WE WON”T DO IT!” and who cares what the fuck some hetero’s opinion on the matter is? Particularly, since none of the heteros against this therapy still has come up with a concrete reason for why where gay in the first place which is why it won’t work — let’s try this: And God made gay men, so there.

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