Man Charged For X-Rated Sexting To Male Cop

Police report that Paul Kirleis, 30, dialed 911 early Sunday morning to report a suspicious vehicle in his Marco Island neighborhood. Following up, Officer Ryan Montgomery “returned Paul’s call using his department issued cell phone,” . After the suspicious car matter was “resolved,” Montgomery received a text message from Kirleis’s phone asking, “Who’s this??” A second text declared, “I am boo.” The cop then received three separate photos from Kirleis’s phone. “The pictures were of a male subject wearing little to no clothing,” police noted. One photo showed the man “in a black thong and nothing else.” A second image showed “a nude male subject bent over forward, exposing his anus with his testicles tucked between his legs.” The final picture showed “a male wearing lingerie bent over forward exposing his anus and looking back at the camera.”

Kirleis followed with one last text “Sooo.”  

Kirleis claims he was very drunk at that time.  I think phones should have a drunk dial/text automatic shut off. the minute the screen senses the alcohol in our pours or on a built in breathalyzer, the phone should cease operation, only allowing for 911 calls. 

full deets via Man Busted For X-Rated Sexting To Florida Cop | The Smoking Gun.


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