Jamaica: Gay Man attacked by Anti-Gay Mob for ‘wearing lipstick

Jamaican police have been forced to rescue a gay man, after he was besieged by a homophobic mob for wearing lipstick. The incident occurred on Saturday evening, when the man took refuge inside a clothes shop in May Pen, Clarendon. Television Jamaica reports that the crowd built up following rumors of a “homosexual man putting on lipstick in public”, with several hundred people gathering outside the store. Armed police guarded the entrance of the store before leading the man – with his face covered – away from the scene in the back of a police car.

FYI: If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, know this.  Sex between men is illegal in Jamaica and punishment for men convicted is 10 years imprisonment with hard labor. Jamaica is one of the MOST anti-gay countries in the world. Numerous LGBT people have been killed because of their sexual orientation and even a little justice is rarely seen. Jamaica should be on your boycott list. 

full deets via Jamaica: Man attacked by homophobic mob for ‘wearing lipstick’ · PinkNews.co.uk.

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