Georgia: man accidentally shoots his penis while trying to holster gun

This is why we really need gun control.  A man in Macon, Georgia accidentally shot himself in the penis while attempting to holster his gun last week. According to WMAZ Channel 13, the man was parked at a gas station and was attempting to put away the .45 caliber pistol when it discharged, striking him in the groin. The man then drove to a friend’s house, took off his pants and found that he  shot himself in the penis and that the bullet had exited through his butt. As he disrobed, the spent round fell to the floor. The victim was driven to the Coliseum Northside hospital by a friend, then transferred to the Medical Center of Central Georgia. via Georgia man accidentally shoots his own penis while trying to holster gun.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac06-26-2014

    Gun control will not control the stupidity — taking guns away from decent rational people won’t do a damn thing – and think of how many people have hurt themselves carving Thanksgiving turkeys, are we to ban carving knives? And if you think for a moment that criminals will give up their guns you have paid no attention to the criminal class for decades now —

    Well, the man’s an idiot, and a danger to himself, and perhaps to others, but don’t take it out on the rest of us :)

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  2. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac06-27-2014

    btw, have you ever looked at the Pink Pistols and Stonewall Gun Clubs? — there’s an enormous amount of gay men with guns (I know several, but, I have lived in rural Louisiana and know quite a few rural gay men in East Texas, Mississippi and Alabama — and there’s groups saying we should consider getting us all guns, to protect us, should the crazed “christians” (they’re not Christians at all, of course,) get ornery. I also note that virtually every gay bar I ever went to with a doorman, that man, or someone behind the bar, has a gun … even in NYC — for more than a decade Don the Doorman sat inside the vestibule of the Ninth Circle on 10th Street (block away from Julius, towards 6th Ave and Library) with a gun tucked in his belt, to discourage the heteros marauding about — and they did during the 1970s and ’80s —

    And let me tell you — when a gay man shoots his balls off, there’s certainly a pistol involved … I drank all night, now I shall piss till morning … anyway — seriously, guns are not the problem – it’s crazed idiots …

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