Don’t Associate Sherri Shepard With Bisexual…OH Hell No.

While discussing Anna Paquin’s tweet about being a proud bisexual married mother, Sherri Shepherd asked Conservative pundit Will Cain if he was bisexual.

‘I am not,’ Cain replied. ‘That’s fine, that’s the risk I run when I say that. A guy that wears boots like this, you’re either gay or extremely confident straight.’

Then he added: ‘Look, I think everybody is a little bit bisexual. We try to make these categories too neat and clean. Gay and straight. It’s probably some sort of a spectrum.’

Cain, who said he is married to a woman, made the ‘everybody’ claim then said he himself was not then tried to clarify by saying: ‘I just don’t think it’s neat and clean. I think there are straight people, I think there are gay people. I think there are people in between. I think that’s fine. You are who you are.’

Shepherd who has said that she struggles with gay marriage,  will soon be twice divorced, had an abortion or two (not sure on the count) won’t let her son do anything that might be “girly” AND says her gay views are based on her religious upbringing “I might not agree with your lifestyle, but I love you,”  and lets not forget she is a “Christian” after all. Hypocritical bullshit artist if you ask me. Shepherd made it known that she was no ware close to being the least bit bisexual.

Shepherd to cain ‘When you say to me, ‘I think you’re a little bit bisexual,’ how would you put that on me?’

The segment was really nothing to balk about. No anti-LGBT esque statement was made on Shepherd’s part by any means. Her defensiveness just ads to her obvious questionable views toward HOMOSEXUALITY.  

via Conservative pundit says ‘I think everybody is a little bit bisexual’ – but he is not | Gay Star News.

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