Will This Be The Latest Craze?: The Airwheel

This incredible solo wheel electric unit quite literally revolutionizes the personal transportation market. The self-balancing unicycle – AirWheel is already being dubbed as this year’s “must have gadget”. The AirWheel is the ultimate gadget for all. Whether you want it for fun, practicality or both, we have commuters using their AirWheel through the city on their way to work. Students cruising their way to class, and even provide support for mobility users. It can cruise up to 12 miles per hour and track about 28 miles on a single battery charge.

I could see this potentially being more of a hit than the Segway, which seams to only have captured mall cops and Parade police. The airwheel is not cheap. The range in the 12-1500 dollar range. 

via About Airwheel – theairwheel.co.uk.

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